Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Live from One Esplanade, Anne and Rhob spread geekiness at this year's Blogapalooza. Be forewarned. This fugitive duo is one hundred percent wacko. Report all sightings immediately.  

Hey There Tiny Pea!

Hey There Tiny Pea | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Hey there Tiny Pea!
We shall call you Riley.
Soon on the blog,
Will be a purple googly blob!

DIY Mini Party Poppers and Piñata

DIY Mini Party Poppers and Piñata | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Piñatas and party poppers are two of my favorite things in any party. All that confetti and candy is too divine to just not adore, right? Who doesn't want color and sweets? Because of this, I decided to make a hybrid of the two using items that you can easily find at home alongside some recycled materials. Now without further ado, behold these DIY mini party poppers and piñata!

Neverland with Landybridal

Neverland with Landybridal | Wedding Inspirations
I have always been fascinated with stories may they be written in pages or captured in frames. Imagination is something I revel in. Many of the films I've seen and novels I've read revolved around or at least touched the topic of love and romance. I have a list of OTPs and characters that I ship like cray regardless if the author actually made them end up together. Fantasy it may seem but I have always wondered how certain characters would look like on their wedding day. What would they wear? Where would the ceremony take place? Who would be on the guest list?

Bittersweet Cookies

I baked cookies for her one day,
But then it all got burnt away.
So I brought the cookies out to throw,
But then she snatched them all up to stow.

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration
Silky hair. Tails for feet. Salty air. Coral filled streets. Mermaids are no doubt ethereal and enchanting creatures of the sea. They fill pages upon pages of books and live within the realms of folklore and myths. There's something about their otherworldly nature that captures our attention and curiosity. They're magical and mysterious, do you agree? 

5 Occasions When the Food Delivery Guy Equals Bae

5 Occasions When the Food Delivery Guy Equals Bae
Bae (noun): what you call that dude flexing his biceps to get your food delivered. Also known as the food delivery guy, your savior, a knight in shining armor helmet. Eeep! Too corny eh? But you have to admit, this bae's got your back! He's saved your ass a couple of times and along with that your tummy and the food babies you keep. You ought to give this motorcycle riding prince some credit.