The Ice Cream Laboratory

Ice Cream Laboratory - Liquid Nitrogen Magic
It’s midway through summer here in the Philippines and that translates to sand, sea and sun! I’m currently in the capital city, Manila, and let me tell you this. If Cebu is simmering hot, Manila is on boiling point. We even reached 39 degrees Celsius last week. Whew! I guess I was so used to our semi-provincial home back in Cebu that the metropolitan humidity was a total shocker. I expected it but the level of intensity caught me off guard. There are days when I sweat immediately after I get off the shower. Exaggeration? Oh I’m not even kidding. The bright side however is that I get to eat ice cream. Lots and lots of it! DIY Magnum, dirty ice cream, halo-halo, mais con hielo? Yes I’ve had them. Smoking ice cream from the Ice Cream Laboratory? That too!

Daydreamer {Scribbled Poetry}

The smell of freshly mown grass,
A firmament of well lit stars.
Barefoot on a night so cool,
With frogs croaking by a nearby pool.

Two Years Down Memory Lane

Sometimes I wonder if time is in a hurry. It flies by so fast like an arrow piercing through the air. Forward it goes as if running is the only thing it knows. It's been two years since I started this blog and even I could not fathom how the days flew by. Ticktock was how the clock went and all I know is that every second spent on this online journal was nothing but blissful and heaven sent.

Wanderlust: Glamping in Europe

Wanderlust: Glamping in Europe
I should be sleeping as I type this in but I got caught up in a heavy daze of wanderlust. I have always wanted to travel and see the world unfold before my very eyes. There's a certain charm and magic to it that's simply hard to define. I believe there's no adjective good enough to describe the enchantment that it brings. It's like waking up to a beautiful sunrise with the smell of brewed coffee and pancakes in the air combined with this feeling of home fused with a sense of adventure for something exciting and unknown. You see, I want to make memories all over the world. It's a vow that I have taken upon myself.

The Cebu Blogging Community Rendezvous

Cebu Blogging Community: Ultimate Blogger Meetup
I used to live inside a shell. Call me an oyster or a snail, whichever suits your imagination. I would however prefer the former given its ability to make pearls. Plus, my bestie is deathly afraid of snails and so the word escargot was considered a taboo while brine solutions are life savers. I'm a self professed introvert and I used to feel anxiety build up whenever I had to go some place where I knew no one. Although I was never acutely shy given that I frequented joining several clubs and participating in plays when I was still studying, there was a certain unease when it came to falling short at meaningful engagements and fun conversations with people. I guess just like any other person, being a wallflower scared me. But that was a thing of the past and then came the fateful day when I accidentally stumbled upon the Cebu Blogging Community's Facebook Group on my sidebar. I clicked the "join button", applied and the rest was history. You might call it chance but I consider it fate.

A Flawless Summer

Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70
Are you ready to hit the beach and get sand on your feet? Or perhaps go on a hike, breathe fresh air and be one with nature? In a tropical country like the Philippines, it's pretty much summer all year round. The sun is beaming on most days which makes for a perfect tropical island getaway.  There are 7,107 islands in the country so I'm pretty sure you'll be doing a lot of "Eat-Splash-Explore-Sleep-Repeat" while sipping piƱa coladas or fresh coconut juice. Yum!

Food for Thought: Confusion

Food for Thought: Confusion
Confusion. It's a state of the mind. It's a befuddling element. It's a word that is as hard to define as it is to understand. It is by all means something that both the heart and the mind find hard to grasp. Are you confused? I believe we all are. At some point and in some way, we are struck with bewilderment.