10 Movies for the Single Girl on Valentine's Day

10 Movies for the Single Girl on Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is for everyone and by that I mean the single ladies too. No we don't sulk in misery contrary to popular belief. That's a rather childish idea that needs to be squashed flat. Besides, being single means you get to eat that tub of ice cream all to yourself. Plus, no one's going to judge if you finish up that box of double pepperoni pizza. You get my drift? 

To that Stranger Who Stole My Book

To that Stranger Who Stole My Book by Anne Macachor
I’m a nerd as geeky as can be. With verses and words, I squeal with glee. Books are friends to me. Despite my peculiarity, they do not flee. So I went out one day, off to the bookstore with hardbacks on display. Inside I went and immediately I sense, the scent of stories quickly descend. 

Azure Urban Resort and Residences Staycation

Azure Urban Resort and Residences Staycation | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Travelling is an art. You see, you don't necessarily have to go somewhere far in order to travel. You can stay within your city and be able to satiate your thirst for wanderlust. Case in point, staycations. When I won a contest earlier last year for a piece I wrote, I wanted to spend it on a grand vacation of sorts but budget-wise it wasn't practical. Also, I just recently moved to Manila then so I decided to get to know more about the area and its metropolitan charms. Luckily I found the perfect place: Azure Urban Resort and Residences.

DIY Paper Gift Bow Tutorial

DIY Paper Gift Bow Tutorial
"Brown paper packages tied up in string, these are a few of my favorite things!" That or presents with large festive ribbons. How do you like wrapping gifts? The holiday season is upon us and I bet you've been bitten by the Christmas bug too and went out and bought a gazillion presents for your loved ones. Unfortunately, your budget's gone low in the wrapping department. Well that or you just spaced and forgot to buy supplies. Worry no more because I've got something for you: DIY gift bows using pretty paper or recycled magazine pages!

The Pink Panther

The true test of a DIY comes when you use it and it doesn't fall apart. Luckily, the dungarees I upcycled from my sister's old pants held itself up! Just imagine the catastrophe had it not. I'd probably go bonkers and wish I could apparate pronto. You know ala Harry Potter?

Cartoon Transformation

Cartoon Transformation and Caricature
It's official folks. We just got Disney-fied and I bet you it felt so cool! I've always wanted to have myself turned into a cartoon of sorts and just a few weeks ago I got this wish ticked off my bucket list. My sister did too and I'm so excited to show you how this magical transformation was accomplished!

Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Live from One Esplanade, Anne and Rhob spread geekiness at this year's Blogapalooza. Be forewarned. This fugitive duo is one hundred percent wacko. Report all sightings immediately.