About This Blog

Anne's Scribbles and Doodles | Cebu-Manila Lifestyle Blog

Hey there! You can call me Anne. I'm an old soul lost in a digital jungle, a travel junkie, a certified bookworm, an avid shutterbug, a foodie, a freelance writer, a raconteur of sorts, a passionate DIYer, a dreamer and a lifestyle blogger all rolled up in one amazing burrito! Some days I do prop/flatlay styling too. That or I'm buried in pillows and blankets catching up on my favorite TV shows.

Words and rhymes are my solace. Arts and crafts are my drug. Travel is my life's fuel while food is my tasty retreat. I aim to inspire may it be through travel, food, DIY projects, art, poetry or thoughts to ponder because life is not meant to be lived in the mundane. You have to experience it in every palette and palate imaginable. 

I'm a mishmash of some sort. A product of two Philippine metropolitan jungles, Manila where I was born and Cebu where I grew up, my mind has been tinkling and jingling to thingamabobs and thingamajigs for as long as I can remember.

This blog is a diary of my random thoughts, silly whatsits, crazy ideas and everything else in between. Hop on this magic carpet ride and let's scribble and doodle memories together!

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