A Teaspoon of Imagination and a Cupful of Style: My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

If there's one thing that girls can never outgrow, it's playing dress up...

Favorite Fashion Bloggers
As little girls, my sister and I would secretly creep into our parents' bedroom and take out all the bedding and curtains we could find. We'd make dresses and veils out of them and pretend that we were princesses in a far away land with a castle and a pretty little tiara. As kids, our crazy imaginations can run amok. My sister and I would even be on the lookout in case someone sees us going cray cray. Looking back, it was kind of silly but then again it was fun. How I wish my mom caught us and took a picture!

I think that if there is one thing that girls never grow too old for, it's definitely this! There's always something about clothes, styles and fashion that make ladies jump up and down. Whether you're the girly-girl type, the sporty one, the emo, the smart lass or whatever style you prefer to embrace, dressing up will always be a part of every gal's life. It's how we carry ourselves and exude confidence. We use it as a means to express our creativity and show our personality.

I've been an avid reader of so many fashion, cooking, D.I.Y. and lifestyle blogs. Surely, I've got some favorites. Thanks to my boredom, I've bumped into three fashion bloggers who I love to death!  Their blogs are my go to place before I say goodnight and sweet dreams. I'd really like you to get to know them too! (But if you're already into the world of fashion blogosphere, you probably know them already. I mean, why wouldn't you?) Now let me introduce you to WendyCamille and Tricia...

Fashion Blogger: Wendy Nguyen
Fashion Blogger: Wendy Nguyen
First on my list is Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook. I actually discovered her Youtube channel first. She's got this really bubbly and carefree personality. I can't help but hit subscribe. Haha. Plus, her videos are really really good! She even made an inspirational video called Be Your Shoeself. Then from their, I found her blog and started reading. What captivated me most about her (apart from her great fashion sense) was how she battled out life's tough challenges: She went through foster care, had to carry her belongings in a trash bag with that fear of being homeless and worked three jobs in order to save up for college. After reading her about page, tears ran down my cheeks. How can someone go through all that and emerge so sunny and bright? It was so inspiring. I felt so moved that I decided to look at life with a better vision and a brighter outlook. Dreams do come true only if you make them.

What I love about her style: She's not afraid to wear the same item more than thrice! If you don't look hard enough, you'd probably never notice it. 

Fashion Blogger: Camille Co
Fashion Blogger: Camille Co
Next is Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog. I can't really remember how I first got to know about her (that was ages ago!) but she was the reason I decided to create a Bloglovin account! I just can't get enough of her amazing outfits and pairings that I didn't want to miss out on any of them. It's no wonder why her Lookbook account gets consistent hypes. She began as a fashion designer slash business woman for her shop called Coexist. She graduated with honors at the Ateneo de Manila University. She also attended the School of Fashion and the Arts and the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Beauty and brains may be a lethal combination but this lady is nothing but sweet and charming. With so many recognitions and achievements, there is no doubt that she is one of the best fashion bloggers there is!

What I love about her style: She is your go to girl when it comes to mix and match. She can put together different items that are individually beautiful and make them look better as a whole. She's also very good with blending in different kinds of accessories. I've never seen anyone like her! Plus, her writing is witty and funny. She is a story telling fashionista. I love her! For me one of the funniest lines she's ever written in her blog was: "Then, when it’s time to take photos, suck everything in like there’s no tomorrow. Inhale, inhale, INHALE!!!!", Open the Drapes

Fashion Blogger: Tricia Gosingtian
Fashion Blogger: Tricia Gosingtian
Last but definitely not the least is Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places. I came to know Tricia's blog after reading an article about the best Filipina fashion bloggers. (Unfortunately, I already forgot the title of that article. Nonetheless, thanks to whoever wrote it!) With her doll like face and blonde hair, I instantly got curious and decided to take a look. Since then, I've been hooked. One of the reasons that made me love her so much was because she replied to one of my comments! After saying that I loved the sudden pop of pink from her clutch as well as the pastel blues from her toes against her black and white outfit, she responded: "Keen eye you got there! People wouldn't normally notice the color of my toenails!" I'd often leave one every time I find a post very interesting. I've left so many in numerous different blogs and didn't get a single response. To be honest, I wasn't expecting any. Blogs receive so many of these comments that it can be impossible to respond to every single one! But she was the first who did! In fact she constantly replies to those I post on her site! (Yeah, yeah. I guess you could say I was fangirling. Wait, is it possible to go fangirling over a girl? I know I do it over actors and fictional characters but... Nah never mind. Haha.)

What I love about her style: If you've been reading her posts, you'd probably know that she's a huge fan of black and white and basically anything that doesn't easily go out of style. Many people would often go for what's in for the season but she's one who's not afraid to differ. What many people would think is usual and boring, she can definitely make them sparkle and shine! 

If you've missed the links above, you can click below and get to know more about these awesome ladies!
Fashion Blogger: Wendy Nguyen Fashion Blogger: Camille Co Fashion Blogger: Tricia Gosingtian

Note: I may have done some major cropping and a little editing but all the pictures remain owned by Wendy, Camille and Tricia respectively. Go check their sites and see more of them!


Ali Mackin said...

Oh wow you found some lovely bloggers and loved the way designed all their little profiles, very nice!

Ali of

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Anne said...

awww, thanks! I'm glad you loved them.

QueenLina said...

I adore Wendy's style!!! :*


Anne said...

indeed! She's just so adorable. :)

Olga Federico said...

Love this post!!! I always follow Wendy's blog but I like all of them!!

Anne said...

thanks Olga! I'm so happy you loved it. :D

Joules said...

I love Wendy in particular. I've followed her for years!

Style by Joules

Nikita Palei said...

Thanks to you, now I found some blogger just like you: sweet and peppy!! :) <3


Anne said...

Yay! You're welcome Nikita. Always. :)

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