Candidate # 9 (Miss Cebu 2014)

Miss Cebu 2014 Grace Anne Marie Yap
Belleza. Beauté. Schönheit. Beauty. Kagandahan. Kaanyag. The word beauty can be translated into many different languages but what does it really mean? In my case I believe beauty is beyond what meets the eye. It has something to do with character and personality. More than one's looks it also involves wit and intellect. I for one know somebody who is all that. Meet my dearest buddy Grace Anne Marie Yap candidate number 9 in the prestigious Miss Cebu 2014 pageant, the Queen City of the South's annual search for the city's ambassadress of goodwill and one of the highlights in the world famous Sinulog festival.

Miss Cebu 2014 Grace Anne Marie Yap
For those of you who have been reading my blog, you are probably familiar with this pretty face as I've mentioned G-Anne twice in this blog already (as seen here and here).

Miss Cebu 2014 Grace Anne Marie Yap
I met her four years ago way back during our university days. If you want to know more about that then I suggest you read my mushy post last year. LOL. I prefer calling her 'Buddy' instead of her first name. It all began in 2010 when we attended a fiesta and went to a carnival with our barkada. We were partners or 'buddies' in all the rides. Since then the name stuck like bubble gum and we refer to each other as such. You could say it's our term of endearment. Besides, we have the same name (with the exact spelling). She's my only other friend who's as tall as me and who often gets banned from wearing high heels during outings and dinners with our gal pals. Plus, she loves quite a few of my fave bloggers too! So yeah, she's my BUDDY!

I may have mentioned once that we modeled for a Taiwanese restaurant called Ersao. These are two of our BTS photos! (left from right: Me, G-Anne, Joan, Kim, Choie, Jas, Bonbon, Heather)

This photo was so three years ago! Buddy look at your short hair! (left to right: Kim G-Anne, Joan, Me)

This is us goofing off during our university's vintage themed graduation ball. (left to right: Joan, Me, Carol, G-Anne, Bonbon) 

Miss Cebu 2014 Grace Anne Marie Yap
Image via Miss Cebu Facebook Page
In a few day's time, the new Miss Cebu will be crowned. I would be so grateful if you spend just a minute or two and vote for my dearest buddy by going to the official website of Miss Cebu 2014. If you happen to be at Ayala Center Cebu or SM Cebu, voting booths are also open for the public until January 12. This woman right here who is an embodiment of both Athena and Venus deserves your vote!

The Miss Cebu 2014 coronation night will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2013 at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino. Tickets are available at the venue, voting booths and the Cebu City Tourism office for P 500.00, P 1,000.00 and P 1,500.00.


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