A Royal Treatment at Cafe Tiala

After the week long hustles and bustles of a workaholic busy bee like me, I knew I needed some royal pampering. Luckily a new cafe recently opened up its doors called Cafe Tiala. From what I've heard the place is like a doll house with waitresses dressed in lolita costumes. Right then and there I knew I had to check the place out and of course I brought my other nobles with me.  Besides, no princess would want to spend a lovely afternoon all alone. The more the merrier! (That applies to both friends and food. LOL!)

Just look at these table sets! I wouldn't mind waiting in line while sitting on these royal chairs. Pamper session is on. Woohoo! Now let's proceed inside the castle... er I meant cafe.

This is what greets you once you enter the place. There are nine private rooms each equipped with different art pieces, dresses, tiaras, costumes, stuffed toys, blankets, pillows, a leg massager, hair iron, PS3, television sets, Wii and free WiFi access. Beat that! I bet no ancient castle was as technologically savvy!

Oh and yes there were chandeliers. Loads and loads of them! I am a sucker for chandeliers and the ones they have look so fitting for people like us who haven't grown up from playing pretend queens and princesses.

So what if your royal party is too big? Don't fret. Their second floor has a larger space which can accommodate big groups. Otherwise, this space is best for those who like a little socializing. People of noble decent need to know how to mingle. It's part of the royal protocol. Trust me. *wink*

I saw this canvas piece with a colorful artwork that screams London. Actually our little room was so British I might just start speaking in Brit accent. Oooh I would really love to visit this city one day. And who knows I might just meet the "real" queen or the royal duchess herself? 

We were given this cute box. I wonder what's inside. 
Peekaboo! It's the menu! Cafe Tiala's Menu is in small beautifully designed cards placed inside a box that also serves as a room accessory or center piece. Since posting a picture of each of those cards would make this post really long (I counted them. There were around 23 pieces if I'm not mistaken.) I decided to make this menu list instead. Tadaaaa! *insert imaginary fairy sound effects here*
As a royal treatment from the owners or shall we say rulers of the kingdom, you get a free cup of coffee and a platter of bread and jam served in this uber cute cupcake plate for every ₱ 300.00 worth of receipt! 

Meet my BFF Rea who you might be familiar with as she accompanied me in my sugar-filled adventure at Butter+Love before. She looks so serious with that game face on. What is keeping her busy and what made her neglect her yummy latte? 

It's the free game of PS3 and some action filled TEKKEN! Hey, princesses need to know self defense too. Gone are the days of damsels in distress. 

We were accompanied by Rea's cousin Ate Sheena (in white) and sister Dianne (rightmost).

My little sister was with us too. #Selfie anyone?

Of course we cannot let the day go by without having a photo with one of their friendly staff. Ain't she the cutest waitress with the most kawaii uniform? Pink Lolita overload!

Overall we had fun being princesses for a day at Cafe Tiala. I would love to go back again soon and hopefully get to try the leg massager!

You can get your own brand of royal treatment at Cafe Tiala located at the Unit 2-D 2nd Floor, The Forum Bldg. Archbishop Reyes Avenue Cebu City, Philippines. (Hint: They are right beside the Grand Convention Center and directly on top of the CTBC Bank. With all the pink going on they are hard to miss!) Their store hours run from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight daily and you can contact them at (032) 260-5503.


tiala said...

Hi.this is cafe tiala. If you dont mind can I use the menu jpg. What you made it! I like it kkkk it's definitely our style. If you accept to use it I will use in web.

Anne said...

Hi! That would be awesome! Thank you. :) If you want I can email you the original file. I hope to meet you the next time I visit the cafe. ♥

Shari said...

This looks so cozy and intimate! Will definitely pay a visit as soon as I get back to Cebu ;) Love the interiors!

Anne said...

You should. Thanks for dropping by Shari!

Alica said...

This is near where?

Anne said...

Hi Alicia! It's near Ayala. It is right beside the Grand Convention Center..... that building with the CTBC Bank and Yummy Yo.

Anne said...

They taste good too!

Christina Lau said...

Wow this place is seriously too cute! Wish I had one like it near me! Hope you had a lovely time :) Thanks for the comment on my blog as well!



Anne said...

We felt like royals! Thanks Christina.

Keisha Solon said...

I'm a sucker for interiors and this place should definitely be included in my to-go list!


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