Hey There Tiny Pea!

Hey There Tiny Pea | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Hey there Tiny Pea!
We shall call you Riley.
Soon on the blog,
Will be a purple googly blob!

It's crazy how much I stalk my favorite illustrators, designers and artists on social media! I'm like a true blue detective or spy. James Bond level. I'm not even kidding! In fact, I was planning to do my Blogapalooza post today but when I saw Tippy Go (one half of the comic duo from the Googly Gooeys) post photos of her baby shower, my brain went into "rhyme overdrive". 

I was planning to simply greet her on Twitter but it ended up exceeding the 140 characters max and so this post was born. Also, I just love Tippy not only for her bright hued work, crazy antics, amazing humor and pure talent but also because she's an amazing person to be honest. I mean she follows me on social media. LOL. Fan girl alert! Kidding aside, I had some personal questions regarding design stuff and she gladly responded and shared her knowledge. Honestly, I would love to meet her someday (Pong and baby Riley too) and hopefully save up enough moolah to attend one of her workshops!

Okay without further ado and to cut off my unnecessary ramblings, here's my "poem greeting" to mom to be, illustrator and artist Tippy "Tipsy" Go!

Hey There Tiny Pea | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

Congratulations Tippy and Pong! I can't wait to see baby Riley in your future comics! 

How about you? Are there artists you stalk on blogs and social media too? Oh and before I forget, check out this interview I did with another amazing illustrator with a love affair with voguish fashion flair, Mawee Borromeo!

Read more of my poetry!

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