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Short Story: Best Friend | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
His heart was hammering in his rib cage like a shaken up soda wanting to burst out of its can. "I think I like you." He said. His voice trembled but not without the intensity that his courage could muster. 

Her eyebrows shoot up as her cheeks turned crimson. Silence filled the air between them with only the rustle of leaves breaking the stillness of the night. 

His amber eyes took in the surprised feature of the figure before him. Even when taken aback she was still beautiful, her locks black like ink trailing down her shoulders and her eyes dark like the midnight sky. 

"I like my best friend. I like you so much to the point that I love you." He finally blurted out and this time his voice did not quiver.

I'm back! Can I get a "whoop whoop"? I probably sound like a broken record by now as this seems to have been the case for the last few months. My sincerest apologies. My (ancient) computer broke down a while back and I haven't come to replacing it yet so I'm having trouble sorting and editing photos with whatever device I could find. Between that and some other passion projects, the blog had to take a little break. I sorely missed this space though so I thought about sharing some of the pieces I've written that were dusting in my archives instead. This one in particular, titled "Best Friend", was penned March 18, 2016. (Yes, you've read that right.) To be honest, I've been secretly saving them up because I've always wanted to publish a book of poems and short stories someday. Since that hasn't happened yet, this space on the internet shall be their home in the meantime. :)

So what's the inspiration behind this one? I've always fancied the idea of romance founded on friendship. I don't mean that two people should have known each other since kindergarten (although admittedly that would be cute). After all, it's not the amount of time but rather the quality spent together. I've been told that love is not one to burn ever so passionately for an eternity. We need a constant spark, a kindle to keep the fire alive: friendship. Do I believe it? Yes but I cannot say the same for everyone. How about you?

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[Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash]

I make up stories in my head. I'm a dreamer and sometimes perhaps a lunatic. Writing keeps me sane and while I'm no New York Times Best Seller (yet), I'd love to call myself an author. This blog serves as my digital manuscript. I've kept countless poems, stories and whimsical thoughts for years but never got to share them publicly for fear that people would steal them and take the credit. (Which someone already did by the way! If you're planning to do the same then scoot. I can track you down like a bloodhound.) But it would likewise be a pain to keep them for myself. I'd love for people to enjoy them as I did writing them. Anne Writes Shorties is a compilation of one shot stories that were built to tickle the imagination in one sitting. — Anne Macachor


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