To that Guy in My Dream

To that Guy in My Dream
Peacefully and happily asleep, I get lost in the world of dreams. Down and deeper I go as the clock ticked away, fully aware that what was once today has now become a bygone and a yesterday.

But then you woke me up in a different world, one I did not know of. You’ve turned my sleep into a tale like no other. My heart was racing but I did not bother. You showed up in your signature jersey, the color of sea. And then you smiled with those eyes all chinky. Could you even see?

Who are you really? This all feels so silly. With your face blurred out in cloud, in mystery you fully shroud. Your hand went up and touched the curls on top of your head. “Hi” you casually said.

The scenery went from concrete halls to greenery. Hey mister, where are we? How dare you pull me into your world of fancy. And then out of the blue, the grass turned into tulips moist in morning dew. You held my hand and walked me through until the air was filled with the scent of coffee brew.

Sitting atop plaid fabric, we feast on sweets and coffee ala a Lewis Carroll classic. You bring out your guitar, strumming it like you’re a movie star. You tell me that we belong with your catchy song. Now my heart has been stolen. With a face I have not seen, I have fallen.

But the daze has been broken and we still have words left unspoken. As the clock chimed, you faded into view without leaving me a clue. And just like that you’ve remained a mystery, a product of fictional fantasy.

Now my heart has been longing. It throbbed as the feeling of you was left hanging. You came and then you left. You were sunshine but also obscure. You ripped my heart open. You kept me wondering. You stole my sleep. You disturbed my thoughts. You stirred my feelings only to leave it perplexed. Now how am I supposed to sleep when all I could think of is you and your voice so deep?

To that guy in my dream, how dare you shatter the calm of my midnight slumber? How dare you make me fall in love for a thing so surreal? How dare you come and how dare you leave?

I've had a dream once back when I was only nineteen about a guy in a sports jersey with a face all blurred out in a haze. I honestly found it silly and something worth laughing at when I grow old so I kept it in memory. One day I decided to spin some fiction into it and thus this write up came to life. What do you think? Have you had any dreams like this before?

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