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Instagram Story Templates GIF 2gether The Series BrightWin Sarawat Tine

My blog posts over the past few years have been different versions of "hi, I guess I'm back" and then poof I'm gone again. My sincere apologies. Adulting got the best of me and then there's the pandemic. But enough about that. I finally had the time and energy to share this personal project I did during quarantine... a year ago: more Instagram Story Templates + GIFs (born from my fascination over this Thai BL show called 2gether The Series/Still 2gether and the rebirth of my love for gifs which began with my powerpoint presentations back in high school).

Like a lot of people, I find sanity in creating and consuming art in all its forms. The pandemic was tough mentally and I was feeling so burnt out. At some point I dropped my hobbies and no longer did the things I loved. I couldn't even pick up a book or finish a show or start a diy project or written poetry which was so unlike me. But one day I woke up and decided that things needed to change. I have to learn how to set boundaries. I started to workout to relieve my anxiety instead of overworking myself as a distraction. I have to acknowledge my time for rest and if I want to make time for the things I love, I have to start saying no to others and yes to myself. I swear being an empath and acts of service kind of person can be so tiring especially in the middle of a pandemic! (Ah this is starting to become one of my old word vomit entries lol.)

So I told myself that I'll allot time for rest and teach myself to find peace in doing nothing and not having plans which now sounds ironic because looking back I made sure to schedule "me time" from 7:00 pm onwards. (The struggles of a Virgo!) I was scrolling through Twitter then while laughing at memes and admiring poems and illustrations when I stumbled upon this trending topic: 2gether the Series starring Metawin "Win" Opas-iamkajorn and Vachirawit "Bright" Chiva-aree playing as Tine and Sarawat respectively.

Before I knew it, I was hooked! It was such a feel good show which came at the perfect time when my mental health and sanity were going down the drain. I also really appreciate how it tackled lgbtq+ struggles and how society needs to progress because "love is love". It's safe to say it was my little slice of happiness. I kept gushing about it on my Instagram stories which tbh I haven't done in a long while. I used to fan girl a lot (over shows, books, music, anything really) when I was younger and I forgot how fun it was and all the positive energy that gets built up because of it! So much so that people end up creating something inspired by it (hello fan art) or they harness the energy to keep them going with life in general. Before this ends up being a review (hahaha), let me just share this post that Renee, my internet friend and fan girl buddy, wrote about the show. Now on to the Instagram Story Templates and GIFs!

I was experimenting with a new color palette aka trying to marry my love for hues with my newfound adoration for neutrals and vintage. (I swear I even considered redoing this blog's layout but I don't know if I had the energy to code like I did before hahaha.) I initially made these vintage-inspired gifs just because I realized I've made a ton for clients and I want some for myself too. Hahaha. Then when I wanted to pour my fan girl energy from 2gether The series somewhere, these gif stickers were born. I only planned to do 3 but I ended up making 9! IT WAS FUN.

How to Use 2gether The Series GIF stickers: Go to your GIF search bar and type "anneroch13" or "annescribblesanddoodles" to see my entire gif collection! For this set specifically, you may search for "2gether the series" or "still 2gether". Compatible with Facebook and Instagram stories, Snapchat and all other apps that support gifs.

When they rolled in the 5-part special called Still 2gether, I knew I wanted to make more so I created these Instagram Story Templates too. Idk about you but these feel so nostalgic. It reminds me of those slam books we had back in the day. Also, I just really liked how they styled Tine and Sarawat and the fashion/styling geek in me wanted a deep dive.

How to Use 2gether The Series Story templates: Download the templates here. Take a screenshot of the template you like. Fill up and upload. Feel free to tag me too (@anneroch13)! I'd like to see you answer them. 

I'm also starting to share the process videos and how I made these GIFs and templates. Click here if you're interested.

PS. If you've enjoyed 2gether the Series/Still 2gether, I also highly recommend Dark Blue Kiss and Come to Me! These thai dramas are gems. Shoutout to all my friends for the recos too.


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