Father's Day Ideas: Fun Crafts

Father's Day DIY
A few days ago I posted some cute recipes to do for father's day. I must admit that I'm really having a hard time choosing which one I'll be doing come June 16th. Plus, the weather's really bad. There's full blown rain for the entire day! The sun barely peeks out. How am I supposed to do my grocery shopping? Gosh, I have to learn how to drive... soon. (Nerves go away!) Anyway I'll find a way to accomplish that but while the rain pounded outside, I decided to look for some fun crafts and projects to accompany whatever recipe my sister and I will be doing.

I actually found so many DIYs over the internet from cards to shirts to jars to photos to scrapbooks to just about anything. Among that humongous list, I've picked out five of my favorites:
Father's Day DIY: Mustache Mug
This mustache mug from fromthetortoiseandthehare.blogspot.com is a certified must have not just for your dads but for yourselves as well. (They're too cute. I want one for myself. I know you do too.) Go crazy with different mustaches, add in a short message or you can even draw him entirely! This mug  will go in handy for your coffee lover dad. It will even complement those cinnamon flapjacks! Give him the best father's day breakfast and don't forget that tight bear hug.

Father's Day DIY: Mustache Mug
I just can't get enough of these mustaches, can I? Take the mustache mug to a whole new level by making one complete set for your dad! (And for yourselves. Haha.) These adorable projects are the brilliant masterpiece of Amanda from craftsbyamanda.com. There's actually a lot of other pretty crafts in her website that I got sidetracked for quite some time!

Father's Day DIY: iDad
Here's a perfect project for your techie dads. Behold the iDad from charlottesfancy.com. This idea is so perfect. Forget about sending your dad an email or an e-card and go make one yourself. You can choose the apps to display to match his personality. Take a peek into his iPad for a clue. Write short messages or put in pictures beneath the icons.

Father's Day DIY: Envelope Surprise
Here's a good one from one of my favorite DIY blogs ohhappyday.com. This is especially perfect if you've got a big family or have a means to contact your dad's close buddies. The idea is that each envelope holds a simple message or a note bearing a 'treat' inside (e.g. lemonade treat, a back rub etc) which are to be sponsored by family members and friends. You may also modify it and add photos or put in a poem you made. Use your creativity and pour your heart into it. Your dad will surely feel the love when he sees this.

Father's Day DIY: Shrinky Dink
Last but definitely not the least is this shrinky dink: another craft from ohhappyday.com. Adorable right? Surprise your dad and add this sweet embellishment to his office suit! Make as many as you can. Use your photos, your mom's or if you can manage to rummage through old photo albums, look for his childhood photos!

So get those scissors ready and let's start making some crafts!

For a list of father's day recipes that made it into my list, click here!


ellie petrov said...

LOVE this post! Come link it up tonight at 10 pm EST or anytime tomorrow at THE Pin It Party on Creative Geekery! Looking for great dad's day ideas! You can link up up to THREE posts, too! Hope you will join us! XO, ellie

Catherine Vargas said...

Very cute ideas :)

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Anne said...

thanks ellie :)

Anne said...

Thanks catherine. Go visit their sites and see more fun crafts!

Corina Nika said...

Great inspiration!
Thanks for sharing!

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