When Creativity Meets the Internet: My Favorite DIY Youtube Channels

A pair of scissors, a pinch of imagination, a good old camera and voila!
Lately, I've been watching too many YouTube videos. Over the two month summer vacation up until today I have practically seen a whopping 1, 214 videos! Approximately, that is. That amount only reflects the number on my watch history and does not include those I have viewed with my sister while her account was the one signed on. What have I been so engrossed about if you may ask? Make-up tutorials, vlogs and DIYs.

Apart from reading novels, doing crafts has been my outlet whenever I felt I needed to let loose and have some "me" time. Besides, It's fun to create something beautiful out of some old useless stuff. I've practically made so many of these crafts from memory boxes, accessory organizers, fancy frames, belts, home decors, etcetera that my room looks like one big artwork! Well enough about me. So after two months of video surfing around the web I could say that I've chosen my two favorite YouTube DIY channels: Evelina Barry and Anneorshine...

I have been subscribed to Evelina's channel from the minute I made my YouTube account. I came across her channel the way I got to know Wendy Nguyen's: a how-to on tying your scarf. So folks, if you want more people to subscribe to you make a blah-blah number of ways to tie a scarf! LOL. Haha. Anyway, what I love about Evelina is that she makes DIYs inspired by the current trends from the fashion runways. And might I add, she's done a very good job! If only I had a tiara and a sceptor at hand, I'd crown her as Her Royal Higness Evelina, Queen of DIYs. How I wish she can upload a video everyday! But of course, that's impossible. We can dream right?

See how artistic she is? She's a pro at drawing and water color! 

Here's another fun fact, Evelina is a jewelry designer. She owns a shop called Mint Barry.

1. Phillip Lim Clutch - I absolutely adore the combination of comic book art and magazine prints here.
2. Above Knuckle Rings - A cute and easy take on the latest ring trend. Gorgeous right?
3. Beaded Cuffs - A smart way to prettify cuffs. Chic!
4. JCrew Threaded Belts - Here's a neat trick to revamp your old belts! The colors are popping!
5. White Swan Costume and Black Swan Costume - A+ Need I say more? 

Is it just me or does Evelina look like Blake Lively a.k.a. Serena Van der Woodsen in this white swan costume?

Oh look! Here she is with her brown hair (second from the right) beside one of my favorite fashion bloggers Wendy!  If you want to see my list of favorite fashion bloggers click here.

Next up is Ann Le of Anneorshine. Thanks to my younger sister, I came across another DIY royalty just a few weeks ago. Like Evelina, I consider her a DIY queen. She's got a cute take on different crafts. Plus, we have more or less the same name. Haha. The first video I watched from her channel was... yes, you guessed it right: another scarf video! Come to think of it, I've come across a lot of amazing YouTube channels just by typing the word scarf on the search bar.

She can sketch too! I love the details of the lashes in this drawing. Do you wish you had lashes like these too?

1. Cute Bow Ring and Mustache Necklace - Cute, cute and cute!
2. Magnetic Board Starfish and Cupcakes - Something pretty to help you organize notes.
3. Clear Crossbody Clutch - A neat DIY on the latest clear bag trend. Fab!
4. Braided Scarves - Obviously, I'm having an obsession with scarves. These are so cute and easy to make. Take note, no sew.

If you've missed the links above, you can click their pictures below to view their channels!

Note: I may have done some major cropping and a little editing but all the pictures remain owned by Evelina (facebook, lookbook) and Ann (facebook, lookbook) respectively. Go check their channels or see more of them through their blogs: Evelina's Fashion Cafe and Life Ann Style.


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