Hope {Thoughtful Thursday #4}

But as for me, I will always have hope.
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Happy Thursday lovelies! If you have noticed, I try to upload twice a week: one during a Sunday and another on a Thursday. It could be a different day for you depending on your country's time zone. The thing is I've been very busy this past few days and I failed to update you last Sunday and for that I'm terribly sorry. First was because of a career pursuit which I would probably talk about some other time. Second was because I had to catch up with my college friends. All of us are fresh graduates and we've been busy looking for a job. Some were already working while others opted to take up a higher degree. Anyway, enough with my chitchats. Speaking of friendship and catching up, something really good happened this week. My dad.

I'm going to let you have a small peek into my personal life if you don't mind. Seventeen years ago my dad's health took an unexpected downturn. My mom was pregnant with my younger sister and I was around four then. He was heading home after a basketball game when he suddenly went blind and all he could see were the flashing headlights of cars passing by. He was rushed to the hospital. Nine days after that his eyesight returned but it was far from his 20/20 vision before. It was like a nightmare for us. It felt like a bad dream and when we woke up it was gone. We never knew what it was until three years later.

In 1999, my dad lost his vision once again. This time it was accompanied by a severe pain along his spine. He had to undergo numerous tests. That was when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Just like the first instance, he regained his sight. For six years we lived a normal happy family life but then the nightmare came back.

When I was twelve, my dad's illness took away one of his best assets: his legs. He was a basketball player and at times he would do some coaching and stuff. When his MS (short for Multiple Sclerosis) attacked, he felt his legs weaken. He found it hard to walk. At first he used a cane then some crutches then a walker and before we knew it he was in a wheelchair. He could still move about and continued to work. He isn't one who likes to stay idle. Unfortunately, his MS became too stubborn.

It was in 2009 when he took an early retirement. He didn't want to but he had to. His condition was making going to work a burden for him. My mom would bring him to the office and fetch him after his hours every single day. He was having a hard time. When he stopped working April of that year, we noticed a sudden drop in his health. He started getting worse. His arms began to weaken. He can't hold a spoon anymore or do the smallest things. He went into depression. He became grumpy and sad. Our finances also made a nosedive and my parents' savings were only enough for my sister's high school and my college tuition. Despite of the series of unfortunate events, I didn't want to give up. I wasn't the type who wouldn't give a good fight. Sadly, my dad's depression took the better of him and I've seen his strength along with his smiles fade and falter away.

I did all the things which I believed would make him happy. I wanted him to fight back. So, I studied my butt off and made sure that when I graduate I'd make him really proud. I'd want him to put that medal around my neck someday. Unfortunately he was too weak to attend my college graduation last March but I knew I made him really happy as I received my diploma and medal. In fact, he even cried when I told him the news days before that. I knew I gave him inspiration and I was hoping more would come to lift him up.

A few days ago some of my dad's friends slash ex office-mates came to visit him. They were from Manila and decided to drop by after having had a work related business in the area. You see we originally lived in Manila but moved to Cebu in 1995. They were his colleagues in his previous job in about nineteen years ago. They all talked for a while and were surprised at what happened to my father. They said their pieces and encouraging words but soon had to go as they only took advantage of their time off. We didn't expect what happened after that.

For two straight days, my mom's phone kept ringing and ringing. More and more of my dad's friends from about a thousand kilometers, some islands and bodies of water away kept calling him. From what I know, they only worked together for about three years and haven't met for more than a decade or so and yet they talk as if it were only yesterday. They kept telling him good things and I can see from my dad's eyes how deeply touched he was. I knew that in one way or another those calls have made him feel stronger.

This made me realize a lot of things. First, friendship isn't about the length of time you knew each other or you've been together. It's about your connection and how deeply you've touched each others lives that made you stay friends despite the distance. Second, even the shortest words can uplift especially if they are heartfelt and sincere. Lastly, it made me see that even though life has got lots of road bumps and dead ends, it doesn't matter as long as you're with the people you love and who loves you.

I know in time my dad will get well. Someday... Somehow... I know we can surpass this trial for I will always have hope.

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PS: Sorry if this went too long and dramatic. Oopsies! I really didn't intend to. I just sort of got carried away. Tsk tsk tsk. Til next time everyone. See you soon!


Xandy said...

you are inspiring girl... keep believing.

Anne said...

awww. thank you!!!

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