Bloggers United #BU9xSMART

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
How does one tick an item off of their bucket list? Do you simply cross it out or will you make a diary entry out of it? I'm full on sentimental so diary entries and photos will have to come with little mementos too. I'm happy to announce that I've finally ticked an item off and brought home some souvenirs. Last Saturday marked my very first Bloggers United experience and boy was it epic! Living in Cebu meant having to hop onto a plane which wasn't really feasible at the time. This year however, the stars aligned. Not only did I get to attend but I scored tickets for myself and my sister thanks to a contest hosted by the generous BU team. So pardon the fangirling, the extreme gushing and the humongous photo dump. An epic diary of last week's Bloggers United experience is coming your way! 

For those of you who don't know, Bloggers United is Manila’s first-ever bloggers' bazaar featuring the country's top fashion and beauty digital influencers. It's a place to score great deals, to make new friends, to meet your favorite bloggers and if you're lucky enough, you'll even see them take their #ootds in action! Check this out if you want to know what I mean. *wink*

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Since the event called for a denim theme, I brought out my trusty pair of denim shorts. These "bae"-sic piece of clothing is a must for the hot and humid Manila weather. I'm telling you, ice cream and ACs are your best friends in this city.

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Left to Right: Sandra, Kay, Anne and Rhob
Smart provided this cute iPhone inspired backdrop for everyone's group shots! I met up with Kay, one of the good friends I've gotten to know through Camille Co's birthday dinner. She was with her younger sister Sandra and I was with my baby sister Rhob. Full on sister act!

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
iFlix was also present and handed everyone these specially designed canvas bags. Style and function was the name of the game. With all the shopping happening around, these bags really came in handy.

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
There were free mocktails for everyone and sick beats from the talented DJs. The Smart Always in Barkada was also present to join in the fun! Say hi to Laura Lehmann, Arnold Van Opstal, Richard Hwan, Janeena Chan and DJ Inno Naguit!

Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Oh and your eyes aren't fooling you. Those are H&M gift certificates and a smashing GoPro Hero 4 Silver! Lucky readers and attendees got to bring them home for participating in the various games.

I'll be flooding you with photos of the bloggers now. You can exit this tab if you're sick of seeing my face. LOL. Proceed with caution folks!

 Bloggers United: David Guison
Friendly and goofy David Guison of DG Manila! That "akbay" pose tho. *insert iyak-tawa emoticon*

 Bloggers United: Camille Co
Sweet and sophisticated Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog! Obviously, Cams is my all time favorite blogger. Need proof? *cough, cough*

 Bloggers United: Stacy and Danah Gutierrez
Body image warriors and twins  Stacy and Danah Gutierrez of The Plump Pinay! These two taught me a lot about self love and acceptance.

 Bloggers United: Vern and Verniece Enciso
Sandwiched between sister duo Vern and Verniece Enciso of V♥V! These two looked like dolls in real life. Hermosa!

 Bloggers United: Patricia Prieto and Dani Barretto
Uber kulit Patricia Prieto of Paradigma and Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal! You should have seen Patricia running around and doing crazy dance moves. She was such a joy to watch!

 Bloggers United: Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy
Fellow Cebuana Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought and Laureen Uy of Break My Style. 2/3 of #TheTrio besties alongside Camille Co. Check out their June 2015 Chalk Magazine cover!

 Bloggers United: #BU9xSMART
Of course, my sister Rhob had her share of photos too. I love you baby sis/photographer/teddy bear!

Now that was a mouthful and a ton of photos. Are your screens still alive? Till the next Bloggers United event! Ciao chikas.


Anagon said...

Thank you so much for flying all the way from Cebu to attend BU! ❤️

Janine Ella said...

Ahhh suya kay ko!!! Magkuyog ta next year please!!!! haha

Yana Tan said...

Glad you had fun on your very first BU, Ate Anne!! :D See you again on December!!

Anne said...

OMG Hi Ana! Thank you for the awesome experience too!

Anne said...

Sure Jan! Murag madugay dyud ko diri sa Manila. Hehe. Usually around summer season and December man ang BU so more to come pa! Kuyoug ta. ;)

Anne said...

See you again too Yana! Oh and you were really looking good. Blooming ah.

Nina said...

Nice pictures. I like your pink top. xx


Anne said...

Thanks Nina! :)

Lakshmi R said...

All of these photos look great! It looks like you had a blast! I'm so happy that you finally got to go and can now tick it off your bucket list! x

Emma Istvanffy said...

lovely photos!

Emma xx -

Kiki Rampone said...

Oh my gosh, what a cool experience! I'd love to check out a blogger convention like this someday, it's definitely on my bucket list too! Great pics!

xo Kiki

Simone D. said...

It looks like great event♥ and you are so beautiful. What if we follow each other? Let me know, sweetie!

Simona |


Lenya said...

Looks like you had a great time at that event. Love your pink top, so pretty.

Jewel Clicks said...

whooaa! ikaw na Anne, taray!! :)


Marie said...

Aww, too bad I wasn't able to come to this event.
I followed you on GFC #108, hope you can follow me back ;)



The Flower Duet

Judi Alexis Carpio ⚓ said...

I've never been to BU which is funny because my work usually requires me to be there, but I always end up not going. Hehe! Looks like fun, maybe next time. :D

❤, Alex //

Anne said...

Thanks Simone!

Anne said...

Yay! Yes I did. Thank you Lakshmi!

Anne said...

Thanks Emma!

Anne said...

I've been to a few and I'm telling you it's really fun. Go ahead and attend. It'll be worth it. :)

Anne said...

Thank you!

Anne said...

Thanks Lenya! :)

Anne said...

Taray talaga? Haha. Attend tayo together someday Jewel!

Anne said...

There's more to come! They always have it twice a year. One during summer and the other around December.

Anne said...

Next time maybe I'd bump into you na! Yay!

Zarrah Jane said...

Oh if i'm in PHIL, i'll definitely visit it too.

Glad you've been there and have the time to share with us.

Cool event.


Check my new post.

The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

Shireen said...

Oh wow, lucky you to get the opportunity to attend! That looks like such a fun event!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Anne said...

Do try it when you visit the PH Zarrah!

Anne said...

It sure was. :) Thanks Shireen!

Jasmine Gagarin said...

sounds so fun!!! hoping to see you next BU! :)

Isabeau Jane Gomez said...

awesome! every blogging kikay should make an appearance in BU! There missing a number of cebuana bloggers this year.

Anne said...

I wish the same Jasmine! Reunion tayo CC Crew!

Anne said...

Kry Uy was there to represent the Vsiayas! :)

Janine Ella said...

Bantay ha! Hahaha. Kuyog ta Anne! Next year nalang para maktigom pako!!! :))

Anne said...

Yeah! Ka-exciting ana uy!

Emjae Fotos said...

I only know Kryz wife's a big fan..hehe. Looks like a really great time for you.. :-)

Fledermaus said...

Looks like you had fun! This event is like a shopaholic's dream come true :D

Jeane Louise Mainit said...

this is soooo fab! wish next time I can join this too. I may not be into fashion blogging but seeing these people is enough for inspiration though :)

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