The Pink Panther

The true test of a DIY comes when you use it and it doesn't fall apart. Luckily, the dungarees I upcycled from my sister's old pants held itself up! Just imagine the catastrophe had it not. I'd probably go bonkers and wish I could apparate pronto. You know ala Harry Potter?

I wore this outfit to Blogapalooza 2015. I don't often do OOTD posts around here but I needed some snaps of the dungarees for my future DIY post and well it doesn't hurt to mix up the contents of this blog a little bit.

Pink Dungarees DIY | Off-shoulder Top My Mom's
Wristwatch Nine West | Sandals Celine | Bag Secosana

I'd most likely get that DIY post up by next year (January perhaps) and hopefully I remember to take the missing photos I failed to snap. What do you think? Have you ever worn any DIY clothing pieces lately?


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