#MayForever Nga Ba? (Does Forever Exist?)

While eating a piece of chicken wing, my eyes darted across the room. The Filipino-Chinese fast food chain was packed to the brim and noise filled the air, a muffled mixture of chatter, cashier register clicks and silverware clinks. 

But amidst all the chaos, three tables caught my attention: one by the door, the other by my side and the last nearest the counter. In each one, a couple sat with their graying hair stark amidst the bright hued interiors. "Look. they're dating." I whispered to my mom. "How cute."

A smile crept across my lips and in that moment the couple nearest me began to giggle. They looked like two teenagers transported back in time, talking about a silly joke and lost in their own world.

The one nearest the door had only finished their meal. The old man with the crisp navy shirt stood up before his wife could move an inch. Assisting her while she stood up to position her crane, he slipped his fingers into hers, letting go only once as he opened up the door for her. 

The third couple by the counter were not as animated as the two. I had just finished my meal then and my mom and I decided to go off and do our errand for the day. Curious, I decided to take a glance one last time. The gray and curly haired lady was still as tight lipped as ever but her eyes were twinkling like the eyes of someone who has only fallen in love for the first time. Her husband with the thin rimmed glasses was staring back at her with the same intensity, his fingers lightly brushing hers.

It was at that moment when it hit me. Young love has long been literature and film's favorite subject but isn't lasting love an equally interesting plot? Beginnings and its promises are no doubt exhilarating but happy endings and the events that transpire after that are also worth hearing. Forever may mean different things to different people but a love like these have the right to be called everlasting too, don't you think?

PS: In case you're wondering, this happened March of this year at a Filipino-Chinese fast food chain along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. Sadly, I didn't get to take a snap of sorts because I didn't have my camera with me and I own one of those jurassic cellphones that still run on black and white. Yup, this isn't fiction like my other write-ups. It really happened and I have to say, it felt like watching an episode of 'Maalala Mo Kaya' or a primetime 'teleserye', only in real life. #MayForever


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