Blue Jersey

Blue Jersey by Anne Macachor | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles | Weightlifting Fairy Haneol Sports University Varsity Jacket
Out of the blue, I dreamt of you.
What could it be? A vision maybe?
It was all a blur. It feels slightly obscure.
I remember a jersey. It was all I could see.

I think I know you and somehow you knew me too.
You sat beside me. I beamed with glee.
It was a game of ball played in a big sports hall.
I could not see your face. This is all a daze.

I think your eyes were chinky. Are they really?
I woke up with a jolt. To breakfast I did not bolt.
Soulmates and dreams. They're mysterious it seems.
Oh dear, could it be? Mister Blue Jersey and me?

Ever since I was 18, I've had this fascination about dreams. I guess much of it is attributed to the fact that I've had this weird and intriguing dream at the time which later prompted me to write the poem above. If memory serves me right, I penned it on the 28th of August in 2014. It's been hiding in my archives for 2.5 years! Why? I kept it to myself because it sounds too cliche and I guess it made me pretend I had a secret crush. You know when you meet a cute guy on summer vacation and not that you didn't want to tell people about him but you wanted to be selfish just this time and not let the world know about this awesome human being? (Okay, I did tell my best friend about it. The poem not some summer fling. The latter never happened. *laughs*)

Unlike most of my writing, this poem didn't get the fictional treatment. It did happen (at least in my head). Yup, every single word of it. I even used it as inspiration to write a short story which I previously published here on the blog called "To That Guy in My Dream". That one though, I've loaded with tons of additional scenes and fictional details.

So why am I sharing this now? This will sound so shallow so go ahead and giggle. I made my cousins who've never seen a Kdrama watch "Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo" because I wanted more people to fan-girl(boy) with. (It was a success by the way. They've marathoned for 2 days and are now watching "Legend of the Blue Sea".)

Despite having already seen the show early this year, I still found myself giggling and feeling all "kilig" watching it the second time around. I am still in love with Jung Joon-hyung, Nam Joo Hyuk's character, because how can you not? Jung Joon-hyung, despite his imperfections, is too adorable. Besides, find me a guy who'll think that a woman who's stronger than a man and eats a lot is damn sexy! The characters in that show were student athletes from Haneol Sports University and they often wore varsity jackets which reminded me of this poem. (By the way, I tried to make the doodle as close to the jackets they wore on the show as possible. What do you think?)

Weightlifting Fairy Haneol Sports University Varsity Jacket | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

Now that I'm writing this, it actually sounds funny because the poem obviously refers to basketball and the show didn't even reference it. It featured swimming, weightlifting and gymnastics instead. I've also used a varsity jacket art not a jersey. *facepalm* Oh well, that explains the doodle and why I'm finally sharing this piece. Gaaah scatter-brained! Forgive my nonsense blabber.

Does this mean I'll find my Jung Joon-hyung too? LOL. What were your dreams lately?

I make up stories in my head. I'm a dreamer and sometimes perhaps a lunatic. Writing keeps me sane and while I'm no New York Times Best Seller (yet), I'd love to call myself an author. This blog serves as my digital manuscript. I've kept countless poems, stories and whimsical thoughts for years but never got to share them publicly for fear that people would steal them and take the credit. (Which someone already did by the way! If you're planning to do the same then scoot. I can track you down like a bloodhound.) But it would likewise be a pain to keep them for myself. I'd love for people to enjoy them as I did writing them. Scribbled Poetry is a compilation of poems that often demonstrate my preference for rhymes. — Anne Macachor


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