10 Signs Anne Curtis is Your Long Lost Unnie

8 Signs Anne Curtis is Your Long Lost Unnie | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
"Daebak". An entire book of adjectives can be used to describe Anne Curtis, the Philippine's award winning princess of all media, but nothing quite encapsulates her better than this Korean slang word. The fact that she's relatable and very "makulit" makes her even more endearing to her fans. In fact, she could be your big sister! (Or mine. Hey, we have the same name!) Not sure? Check out the following signs. She might just be your long lost unnie.

You've got the "short hair + bangs" combo down pat.
If there's something that Kim Bok Joo (WFKBJ), Geum Jan-Di (BOF) and Kang Mo Yeon (DOTS) proved, it's that girls with short hair and a fringe get the oppa.

You'll do everything to meet Oppa.
Even if it means going to war aka joining an international contest. Fan meets are #Lifeuuu!

Kdrama OSTs rule your playlist.
You sing along (or at least pretend to). Wrong lyrics? No shame. Belt it out like the diva that you are.

Let's not forget the incessant fan-girling.
It's a way of life. Making hashtags trend on Twitter is our thing.

You remain loyal to oppa.
Sure there may be loads of fish in the sea but you know dedication like no other. Loyalty is your middle name.

You get it. ♥
"No. I am not snapping my fingers!" How many times do I have to explain myself?

A helicopter snap is a must.
You were about to go on a date with Captain "Big Boss" Yoo Shi Jin but #adulting happened. At least you've got an ootd snap for the 'gram, right?

No shame in crying.
Kdrama has this uncanny ability to make us cry buckets. "Beshie, hindi kami nagbreak ni boyfie. Ay oo nga pala, wala ako nun." *flips table*

You use Korean phrases on the daily.
Everyday conversation just sounds cuter and you get to pretend you're the leading lady in your favorite Kdrama. Saranghae oppa!

Sign #10
You eat articles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Because you need to keep tabs. What if oppa starts dating someone? Wait, is he even single? He's married?!

Sure we may be no Jasmine Curtis-Smith in real life but at least in the Kdrama realm, Anne Curtis is no doubt our big sister. She may pine over the same oppa and it can be a bummer at times. (Read competition. Ang dami na natin. Paano na?) But the fact that she gets us and we get her is proof enough that she's our long lost unnie.

Paging ABS-CBN. How about a #GongAnne drama (or movie)? We're waiting.

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