Organize Your Wardrobe

A guide to organising your wardrobe
A guide to organizing your wardrobe by the team at [Apartment Geeks]
Hi everyone! Lately, I've created my very own Pinterest account thanks to my ever annoying curiosity. Many of the blogs I follow have them so I wanted to figure out what its perks are. After days of reading and research I finally succumb and started pinning. What I love about it is that I'm able to organize the recipes, DIYs and blog inspirations I found all over the internet. No more printing of recipes and ingredients like I used to do. Budget and environment friendly. Yay! Also when I get bored
I just skim and scroll down the vast number of stuff that people have pinned. The photo you see above is definitely one of them.

Time and again I've seen this quote on twitter "My room was clean until I needed an outfit to wear." Guilty? Raise your hands! LOL. As a self proclaimed neat freak I always see to it that my room is organized but then again I too have my lazy days. Haha. And my stuff are piling up. What was once a big closet is now jam-packed so I need more organization ideas. Thanks to this infographic by the Apartment Geeks, my closet is now feeling clean and organized as I added some pretty hooks unto my door and hanged my scarves and belts.

How about you? What closet organization tips do you do? Share those brilliant ideas in the comments below.

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Queenly Tan said...

Hi Anne!
Yeah! An organized closet is a must, love organizing my stuff!

honeysucklelife said...

Great tips! I think the list of staples is a great place to start to make sure you have the basics. Then add low-cost fashionable items to it!

Anne said...

I agree. :)

Jeane Louise Mainit said...

Wow! great tips! I really wanted to organize my "aparador" but I dont know where to start. Since I had been into mountaineering, I kindly forgot how it is to arrange stuff. All I ever do now is roll everything so that i can save space on my backpack whenever I travel. It also protects my gadgets whenever I place them inside my rolled dri fit shirts and trekking pants. :) Thanks for this though! :)

Anne said...

Oooh the word "mountaineering" already got me all excited and giddy. Haha! I simply love long hikes and trails! You're welcome JL!

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