Believe {Thoughtful Thursday #2}

Keep trying. Keep believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out.
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To be honest the past few days wasn't that good for me. I particularly picked out this quote as I was feeling sad and a little down. Let's just say that things didn't work out just as I have planned and wanted them to. Around the end of the past week, I received bad news. I'd say bad for I have foregone quite a number of big opportunities just so I could follow a path which I believe was best at the time. Apparently, it wasn't. That night, I couldn't sleep. "Back to square one." I told myself as I lay on my bed. My best friend and my sister would often tell me that I'm a perfectionist. I won't stop at nothing until I find a solution to a problem. Sometimes I even look for a solution even when the problem has not arisen yet. I won't sleep unless I'm certain that the job or task I was asked to do was at its best. So yes, I was tossing and turning that night thinking of ways on how I'd be able to pass that road block. I must say I fell asleep with my brain buzzing with thoughts.

When I woke up I just stared at the ceiling. I still felt a little heavy. I hugged myself and noticed my bracelet. It was a simple accessory with black beads and a cross. That was when it hit me. During the past I have failed. A lot. When I was in elementary I didn't manage to get on the honor list. I failed by a few slots. That was what pushed me to strive for my best during high school and college and I'm proud to say I finished them both with honors. Back in high school I applied for the school paper. I failed thrice. I didn't give up and so I took a fourth try. That was when I got in and got myself published. Finally. During my sophomore year I joined the science congress with a friend and reached preliminaries where the judges questioned our presentation critically. Obviously, we didn't get through. The following year, I joined again and this time with my best friend. We got through preliminaries and into the finals. All the other contenders were really good and we didn't expect to place at all. What shocked us was that we actually won. First place.

Reminiscing all those things only proved that I have failed loads of times. I was just persistent enough to work hard, believe and try again and again and again until I succeeded. This is just another road block that's testing me and obstructing the road to my dreams. I've been here before. Who says I can't succeed again? Besides, everything happens for a reason. What might appear as a NO at the moment might actually be a SIGN which says TURN RIGHT (or left). Sometimes, failures and problems actually lead us to the right places.

So I've decided to shove away this road block. Nothing can stop me. I have God to hold my hand. I have my family behind my back and I've got friends to cheer me on. I'm running to reach my dreams!

"Keep trying. Keep believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out."


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I've been where you are before numerous times and you're absolutely right: you have to keep on striving. Trust me, you'll reach your goals in no time. Patience and staying positive is key. Wishful thinking never hurts either. Keep your dreams alive :) I hope you attain success, I'm sure you will!

xo Akshara

Simply Akshara

Anne said...

Awww. Thanks Akshara! Comments like this always make my day.

Minna Bansal said...

Came across this post when I need it most. Time at uni is being particularly rough at the moment and I honestly do not know how i'm supposed to survive. I know eventually things will work out, but the present's no fun :(
I hope you're having a better week than I am.

Minna xx

Anne said...

Ah yes those days... What I can tell you is that bad days eventually end. It's okay not to feel okay at times.There are days when you're off but hey things happen for a good reason. You have to find that good reason in every bad situation. It's there. It's a matter of perspective. I wish you all the best Minna!

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