New Year DIY: Memory Jars

New Year DIY: Memory Jars
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Hi there lovelies! So in two day's time, 2013 is about to close and we'll say hello to 2014. I'm getting all excited here. How about you? To be frank, this year has been a blast for me. So much has ended (beautifully), so many begun and there were random bits of surprises here and there. So far, I could consider 2013 as my best year but then again there are more to come and I bet they would be far better than the previous ones so cheers to better days.

I was so bored the other day that I went scrolling down on Pinterest and found this amazing DIY idea for the New Year called Memory Jars.
New Year DIY: Memory Jars

Basically, you find a clean empty jar or any other container you prefer. Every time you've had something good happen to you or there is a particular thing that made you so happy then you scribble them down on a small piece of paper, slip them inside the jar and wait till the end of the year to see how awesome the year that went by was. 

But for me instead of using some random bits of paper, you can use fancy decorative memo pads. I found some cute ones like the fashionista notes for those chic and fashion forward days, the apple and pear memo pads for all the countryside and out of the city trips, the cupcake memo pad for all your food-trips and kitchen moments and lastly the kawaii Pony Brown Side-its for all those other occasions. But of course, if you prefer something you can easily find in your craft stash then definitely go for your colorful Post-its. Also if you wish to you can decorate your mason jar/container with ribbons, glitter, lace, beads and all that. I would even love to fold the papers into different origami forms. Let your creativity run amok!

Now since I consider my readers my extended friends and family and this blog as my diary then here's a run down of my favorite moments in 2013:
  • March 23 - I graduated from the university. Hooray!
  • March 27 - This little diary/blog was born. *teary-eyed*
  • April 1 - I earned my very first writing job with an amazing and not to mention pretty boss.
  • May 4 - This marks my parents' 22nd wedding anniversary.
  • May 25 - I got some Twitter interaction from Wendy Nguyen, Camille Co and Tricia Gosingtian for this blog post. I literally went from normal to fan girl mode.
  • June 25 - Lucido-L and Blo Blow Dry Bar goodies were delivered to my doorstep for my winning entry/post. (The Lucido-L products are definitely awesome!)
  • July 29 - As is my routine, I was reading my fave blogs one of which is Sprinkle of Glitter. Louis asked her readers to mention what blogs they enjoy reading and I found a comment by Emma saying that she enjoys reading mine. It made my day! Actually, it made my year. Blogger milestone!
  • August 12 - This is my first day at my regular job which I love because it allows me to travel. (The writing one is kind of like my sideline to nourish my writing need. Hehehe.)
  • August 26 - I went to Bacolod for work with my good friend Jasmine and we got to go around on our day off and free time as seen here, here and here.
  • September 29 - My sister, BFF Rea and I satisfied our sugar cravings at a cute dessert place called Butter+Love.
  • October 16 - I love YouTube and I watch videos almost everyday. I even inflicted my sister with the same disease and introduced her to may channels including that of Caspar Lee's. One day Caspar made an #askcaspar thing and my sister's question/tweet got featured and it was even made as the title for the video. She was so hyped and so was I.
  • November 2 - My cousin Patrick came from Manila to pursue his studies here in Cebu and live with us. The more the merrier, right? Right.
  • November 27 - I met with three of my closest high school buddies whom I haven't seen for the entirety of my university days. Blame crappy mismatched schedules. It was a reunion indeed.
  • November 30 - Michelle Phan retweeted me. Twitter has shown me a lot of love this year! LOL.
  • December 21 - I met Kryz Uy in the flesh! I even got a photo op and an autograph. Plus, I was able to buy some of her stuff at knock off prices like this beanie.
  • December 21 - At the same day, I met with my high school friends (with my sister), ate dinner at a fancy place called Simply J's, went to a quirky Japanese cafe and exchanged presents. (I pretty much hope I get to blog all our foodporn.)
  • December 25 - Who could ever forget Christmas? It will always be a favorite time of the year thanks to good food, lots of presents and good company.
As far as my memory can remember those were my favorite days of 2013 (But I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of stuff. My brain ain't as good as keeping data as my terabyte!) How I wish I was able to make a memory jar to hold all of these. It would be fun to randomly pick out bits of paper and read them one by one. As Bing Crosby's song go, "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep and I fall asleep counting my blessings."

What about you? What is your fondest memory of 2013 and what do you look forward most in the coming year?


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Just dropping by to say Happy New Year To you and your Family <3

Anne said...

Wishing you and your family the same Sarah! Thanks :)

andy said...

love this :)

Anne said...

Thanks Andy!

life is a shoe said...

this is such a great idea!

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