I Heart Black and White

Black and White Fashion (Cross the Line)
Women think of all colors except the absence of color.
I have said that black has it all. White too. 
Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. 
— Coco Chanel —

Nothing screams more classic than the ever timeless black and white. Would you agree? The two speak contrast. They're opposites in every way possible but we have to admit that they look good together. They compliment each other just like coffee and cream, chocolate and vanilla. In fashion, they say that when you're in doubt these two are your foolproof picks and I couldn't agree more. Hues and shades are lovely indeed but these classics are simply hard to drop. Think about vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge. Even if you've tasted it a handful of times, it's just too good to let go of. So before I start to ramble far longer than I intend to again, here are two pairing inspirations that I came up with to honor these timeless colors.

Black and White Fashion - Dyad (Cross the Line)
| Boots | Necklace | Clutch | Top | Skirt |
Two-toned pieces are quite catchy. Take the pieces above for example. They are the perfect harmony of two hues combined. My personal style preference is neither too girly-girl or boyish. It really depends on the day and my mood. I would however admit that a little edgy thrown into the mix makes a good statement which is why I chose to pair the loose top and miniskirt with the chunky heeled boots. To add a little touch of glam, I threw in a statement necklace and a clutch.

Black and White Fashion - Potterhead (Cross the Line)
| Skirt | Bag | Oxfords | Pullover | Sunnies |
Because I'm a self professed geek and a big Potterhead at that, I took the opportunity to make a Harry Potter inspired outfit. Although I channeled some inspiration from the wizarding world, I didn't want it to look too predictable so I chose a white textured slit skirt and paired it with an appropriate black pullover. Oxfords somehow remind me of school halls so I chose that over heels. Throw in some round white rimmed sunnies reminiscent of Harry's famed spectacles. To complete the look, I added a beautiful structured bag to match the shoes.

Are you ready for some good news? I came across the lovely team from Cross the Line. It is an Asian fashion designer platform that gathers and promotes up-and-coming Asian fashion designers. As of today, they have 14 talented designers each with their own creativity and uniqueness to boast. I particularly love the works of Island WorkBench, 112 Mountainyam, Project Juness and Chun Ting Liu. The top, skirt, clutch and necklace from the Dyad Pairing as well as the skirt and bag from the Potterhead Pairing are the creations of these talented people. I highly suggest that you take a peek at what they have to offer.

On that note, Cross the Line is giving away a 10% discount on all of their products to all my lovely readers. Simply use the code "AnneX" to avail of it. Cool right?

So lovelies, what do you think? Are you a fan of black and white too? Which among the two pairings do you like best?

[Collaboration  with www.crossthelinex.com]


Paige said...

You have such a beautiful blog!! Love your posts<3

Paige x


Anne said...

Thanks Paige!

Kelpa Raza said...

Awesome post dear. black and white is my obsession :$
Have a lovely monday!


Wild Hearts + Green Tea said...

Two-toned pieces are really cool, makes wearing only black and white a lot more interesting! Really like your picks here :)

Anne said...

Thanks Kelpa! The ever timeless black and white is hard not to be a favorite. :)

Anne said...

Especially with textures and patterns! Thank you. :)

Tracy said...

Monochrome items are so chic, love them as well!

Anne said...

Yay for monochrome!

Velveteen Rabbit said...

Oh totally! I'm a black/white and now grey kinda gal :)

Bf Gf Does Blogging

Anne said...

Yay to that!

Chione Hardy said...

Fab post!! I love monochrome!!


Chione XX

Anne said...

Thanks Chione!

fashion for lunch said...

love this!!


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