The Great Unknown Interview

Hi everyone! I decided to take a little break from all my Manila travel diary posts. Okay, so here goes. Late last month, a blogger friend of mine from New Zealand started her series which she dubbed as "The Great Unknown" where she interviews bloggers from all across the globe about school, uni and work life. Her name's Emma and if you've been here for a while then her name would ring a bell. Want proof? Click here and here! We've been exchanging emails for a year now and she may have told me her plans about this series. I feel so grateful and honored for being featured alongside all the other wonderful and lovely bloggers. Here's a sneak peak of our little interview:

Emma: Do you have any regrets? Or any advice? (on school, work and life in general)

Me: I think everyone has regrets. I would say being too much of a workaholic would be mine. I was always so focused and busy that I forget to let loose and have fun sometimes. When you’re in school or whether you’re working you have to make time for “other” things that make you happy too. True enough there are some of us out there who are happy with our careers or studies but it is also important to step out of it and look at the other aspects of life. Go out and have fun. Meet up with friends. Travel to your heart’s desire. Stay in bed the whole day on a weekend and read a good book. Watch a movie. Write your blog. Listen to music. Have some fun in the beach. Whatever it is that you are happy or passionate about, do it. Find a creative outlet. I’ve been doing all of these things for quite some time now and it strikes some sort of balance. It’s tough to budget your time. I know that very well but we are all given 24 hours in a day. It’s up to us how to make every second count. Continue reading in THE EARTH THROUGH A LENS.


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