Geek Chic: The Art of Dressing Smart

Gone are the days when all things nerdy scream unworthy. Geek is in! The recent shindigs, fashion runways and your favorite bloggers and influencers are proof enough that it’s cool to look smart and be smart. If you want in on this trend then you better bring out your pen and paper. Buckle up! It’s time to take some notes!

Nowadays, it’s cool to be a four-eyed ninja. You’d be surprised how many fashion citizens wear specs not only for real but also for show. It’s a subtle nod to the belief that smart is sexy. Besides, a good pair of glasses can help better frame your face and bring out your best features.

We don’t mean your ankle socks you silly! Bring out those knee high woven pairs and match them up with your favorite shoes of choice. Sneakers, ballet flats, booties, heels, you name it. You can play it simple with plain socks or go bold and cool with prints. With this trend, your socks are not meant to be hidden. They’re part of the show!

Layered up or tucked in button downs are the perfect epitome for this “school is cool” ensemble thanks to their mighty collars. Don’t they remind you of uniforms? But better, of course.

Backpacks ceased to be their old boring and bulky selves. Today, they’re packed with colors, prints, details and a whole lot of personality. Kids these days are so lucky but hey that doesn’t mean we fashionistas can’t get hold of these bags too. They’re too #ootd worthy to resist!

Remember the 90s when your parents used to dress you up school kids in jumpers and dungarees? Well, not only are they on trend but they’re back with a vengeance! They come in shorts, skirts, full on pants, denim, colors and patterns. Paired with the right accessories, this piece will surely give you that perfect geek chic vibe.

What are you waiting for? Put your geek on!

This article was written by Anne Macachor (yours truly) and first published for Zalora Philippines. To read the article over at the Zalora Communtiy site click here. For more of Anne's contributed articles, click here. Happy reading!


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