Faith {Thoughtful Thursday #9} + Personal Doodle

Faith is Magic
FAITH, TRUST AND PIXIE DUST. Growing up I have always loved that line from the Peter Pan books, animated films and movies. How about you? On that note I decided to doodle stuff on a piece of paper and voila!

Festive Tie Dye

A blogger friend once asked me why I don't do OOTDs on my blog. Honestly, I would love to try but then again I take too long in front of my closet and end up getting the comfiest outfit I could find (regardless of the look). Reasons, reasons, reasons. Okay I'll admit. I am a "lazy bones" when it comes to dressing up. I would put effort in it though but only for the special occasions. So yes, not a lot of opportunities for the so called outfit shots. Hahaha.