Butterbean Desserts and Cafe

Butterbean Desserts and Cafe Cebu
#Dessert. How apt can this slice of cake be? For sweet tooth's like myself, no meal is complete without such saccharine indulgence. That would be like marriage without the love or jokes without the humor. If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you may have already realized how much of a sweet tooth I am. Thanks to an unlikely detour that my sister and I suffered, we discovered this place in Cebu called Butterbean Desserts and Cafe. We enjoyed it so much that before flying off to Manila, I scheduled a special date with my high school buddies here.

Dum Dee Dum, Oh Snap!

I have a thing for snapbacks and I like wearing them backwards. No, I'm not too old for it. So what if I'm twenty-ish? Besides, it felt pretty glorifying when a cousin of mine thought that I was only seventeen! *hysteric laughing* Maybe I should wear them more often then?

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Outfits

Alice | Alice in Wonderland Character Inspired Outfits
Themed parties are the rage these days especially for special occasions like birthdays. They’re fun and most of all it brings out the creativity in each one of us. But apart from all the festive decors, fancy dishes and delectable treats, one of the things I look forward to would have to be dressing up. I love to go in theme but at the same time I don’t want to end up looking too costumey. So for today, I decided to create outfit ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed party as inspired by some of the novel’s most notable characters.

To that Guy in My Dream

To that Guy in My Dream
Peacefully and happily asleep, I get lost in the world of dreams. Down and deeper I go as the clock ticked away, fully aware that what was once today has now become a bygone and a yesterday.