Flower Power

Hi lovelies. A quick post coming through! Life's been awfully busy lately thus my blogging hiatus. I'm sorry about that. Anyway, two months ago my sister and I went out for some errands and after which celebrated this blog's second anniversary. I decided to wear something nice. After all, it was a special day. I went with floral prints and pastel pinks. As much as I love snapbacks and sneakers, I'm a girly-girl too. *wink*

The Ice Cream Laboratory

Ice Cream Laboratory - Liquid Nitrogen Magic
It’s midway through summer here in the Philippines and that translates to sand, sea and sun! I’m currently in the capital city, Manila, and let me tell you this. If Cebu is simmering hot, Manila is on boiling point. We even reached 39 degrees Celsius last week. Whew! I guess I was so used to our semi-provincial home back in Cebu that the metropolitan humidity was a total shocker. I expected it but the level of intensity caught me off guard. There are days when I sweat immediately after I get off the shower. Exaggeration? Oh I’m not even kidding. The bright side however is that I get to eat ice cream. Lots and lots of it! DIY Magnum, dirty ice cream, halo-halo, mais con hielo? Yes I’ve had them. Smoking ice cream from the Ice Cream Laboratory? That too!