Quezon Memorial Circle: Boating and Speedway Fun

Quezon Memorial Circle: Boating Lagoon | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
If I were to list down the reasons why I love Manila, it'll surely include its parks. Sure there's traffic and pollution that people often whine about but if we look at the brighter side, the capital city surely has its charms. The  Quezon Memorial Circle (aka QC Circle) included.

#MayForever Nga Ba? (Does Forever Exist?)

While eating a piece of chicken wing, my eyes darted across the room. The Filipino-Chinese fast food chain was packed to the brim and noise filled the air, a muffled mixture of chatter, cashier register clicks and silverware clinks. 

But amidst all the chaos, three tables caught my attention: one by the door, the other by my side and the last nearest the counter. In each one, a couple sat with their graying hair stark amidst the bright hued interiors. "Look. they're dating." I whispered to my mom. "How cute."

How Online Shopping Saves the Day

How Online Shopping Saves the Day | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Shopping is supposed to be fun but let's face it. There are days when it feels blah like a chore. There are even occasions when it's so bad that all you'd want to do is scream for help as if some superhero would dash in to save the day. Luckily, technology's got some brawn. It may not have super powers but it sure offers us something quite like it in the form of online shopping.