Arariyo Korean Restaurant {Manila Travel Diary 3}

Arariyo Korean Buffet and Restaurant | Cainta, Rizal
When my relatives saw my plate (above) they gave me "the look" and asked the inevitable question. Are you on a diet? Of course I wasn't! No way! LOL. Whenever I go to a buffet restaurant I like to have a taste of everything so I get tiny bits of every dish and go back for more. Ever heard of a round 2? or 3? or 4? Okay before I embarrass myself of how big of a foodie I am, allow me to introduce you to a new food hub my relatives in Manila brought me to called Arariyo Korean Buffet and Restaurant.

The Great Unknown Interview

Hi everyone! I decided to take a little break from all my Manila travel diary posts. Okay, so here goes. Late last month, a blogger friend of mine from New Zealand started her series which she dubbed as "The Great Unknown" where she interviews bloggers from all across the globe about school, uni and work life. Her name's Emma and if you've been here for a while then her name would ring a bell. Want proof? Click here and here! We've been exchanging emails for a year now and she may have told me her plans about this series. I feel so grateful and honored for being featured alongside all the other wonderful and lovely bloggers. Here's a sneak peak of our little interview:

Blo Blow Dry Bar {Manila Travel Diary 2}

Blo Blow Dry Bar Manila
Blo Out (noun): a styling session or act of getting blo-wn out. That was exactly what I got when I visited Blo Blow Dry Bar's Rockwell Branch late last month. It was around July of 2013 when I won some hot pink Blo gift certificates thanks to Tricia Gosingtian. It got me all hyped up but alas I live in Cebu and all the branches are in Manila. I thought I'd never get to use them but an opportunity came up. *ahem* Dinner date with Camille Co *ahem*. Mind you, this blow dry bar that originated in North America is famous for hair styling services. It's dubbed as an affordable catwalk-quality bar for the modern woman.

Dinner Date with Camille Co {Manila Travel Diary 1}

Camille Co Birthday | Early Bird Breakfast Club
Having some sort of OCD whatnot running through my body, I was never the type to go on random trips. I prefer to plan and organize everything to the dot but somehow this was an exception. When you get the chance to meet an idol and an inspiration you let go of all those worries and what ifs. You grab the opportunity and hug it tight. What made it even more special was the fact that the person you look up to invited and handpicked you personally. Travelling alone was not my cup of tea but that is a thing of the past. I welcome random life events with open arms now! I'm a braver soldier. Thanks Camille Co for instilling in me (and to many others) that confidence comes from within, that travelling is a way of living and that chasing your dreams and passion is always worth it.