Bacolod Travel Diary Part 1: Calea Pastries and Coffee

Calea Pastries and Coffee Bacolod
I know it's long overdue but here's part one of my Bacolod travel diary. Finally! *cue confetti* My first post is probably a tidbit obvious. You know me. I love my desserts so much that I made sure to drop by this famous dessert place called Calea Pastries and Coffee. Every time I turn my head, I can see sweets everywhere. Good Lord am I in heaven?

Skate {Thoughtful Thursday #6}

Happy Thursday everyone! I got today's quote from a t-shirt I recently got from a friend. It was a memento of sorts since he was moving to Dubai. The night before his scheduled flight, we all decided to have a "last supper" in a nearby restaurant as our despedida (farewell). Of course, we demanded that he leave us small knickknacks and souvenirs. We've all been together during our college days and being oceans apart would terribly suck! We need something to remember each other by. At least. So we asked for his shirts. He often had tees with fancy prints so even if our barkada (group of friends) were 90% female, they still suited our taste. Besides, whoever said girls can't wear guys shirts?

Love, Sweet and True [Part 2]

Short Story: Love, Sweet and True

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Hey guys! Sorry for being such a meanie and for leaving you hanging on. Peace! Don't worry I won't give you any spoilers as I continue to ramble (or write) my thoughts here. So have you got some ideas on how this tale's going to end? Let's see if those thoughts match the ending... Now, on to the story!

Love, Sweet and True [Part 1]

Short Story: Love, Sweet and True
One of the things that inspired me to apply for the school paper (again and again and again and again) during my high school days was this short story. I was a very big fan of the publication that I made it a point to collect every year's issue. Technically this story was published in the year 2003 back when I was only ten years old. I rediscovered it out of my collection when I was already fourteen. I guess the delay was due to the fact that my mind wasn't ready to grasp love stories as a kid yet. Ha!