The Salty Coffee

Short Story: The Salty Coffee
Happy Sunday everyone! It is exactly 12:10 in the morning as I'm writing this. I know, I have a very messed up body clock. Blame my preference for reading novels and blogs at this time of the day! So as I was trying to clean up my computer files, I found this short story which my friend sent me way back high school. She told me she found it over the internet. I think I was around fourteen around then. Oh wow, that's six years from today. Time flies! We even edited out some parts as we made a comic strip about it. Unfortunately  that comic strip is nowhere to be found. Anyway, this story was just so heartwarming. It's simple but very inspirational. I really liked it and I hope you guys will like it too...


It was around early last year when Krissy and Ericka captured the hearts of millions of music lovers all over the Philippines when they released their single entitled 12:51. It went viral like crazy! And why not? Apart from their lovely voices, the lyrics to this song was just brilliant. I am a sucker for songs with beautiful lyrics so it wasn't a wonder why I got so hooked up with it that I started memorizing the lyrics instead of reading my law books. LOL. Up until today, this song is still part of my 'Most Listened To' playlist. 

DIY Lace Belt: Playing With Pastels

DIY Lace Belt: Playing With Pastels
Hi lovelies! Here's a fun DIY where you get to recycle or as I'd like to call it, "upcycle", some of your stuff. In this case, I chose one of my old belts. A month ago a good friend of mine invited me to a thanksgiving purple themed party. I didn't want to get a new dress given the fact that I went on a thrift spree the previous week so I thought why not take out the LBD and simply add accents to it? Besides, the purple lace at the department store was waving its arms to catch my attention. I'm pretty sure that laces do not have arms but I bought it anyway for my own crafty-wacko sake and so this project was born.

Lucido-L: Goodbye Bad Hair Day!

Lucido L
Time and again we've heard that old familiar quote saying that "A lady's hair is her crowning glory." Sadly, with all the hustles and bustles of everyday living, our hair can get damaged resulting to unwanted bad hair days. And apart from that, I believe thick and sleek hair wasn't built into my DNA. I have to blow dry my locks or else they'd stick out like nuts. Even as a kid my hair was really thin and I had to constantly make an effort to add volume to it. I have been envying my best friend for the longest time now. She's got the most amazing hair in the world! She hasn't even gone to the salon to have it treated or anything.  Ever! Oh well, envy me. Haha. (BTW, I miss you Rea!) But luckily, I came across this product thanks to one of my favorite fashion bloggers Tricia Gosingtian. (Click here to see my fave fashion bloggers post.)

Father's Day Ideas: Fun Crafts

Father's Day DIY
A few days ago I posted some cute recipes to do for father's day. I must admit that I'm really having a hard time choosing which one I'll be doing come June 16th. Plus, the weather's really bad. There's full blown rain for the entire day! The sun barely peeks out. How am I supposed to do my grocery shopping? Gosh, I have to learn how to drive... soon. (Nerves go away!) Anyway I'll find a way to accomplish that but while the rain pounded outside, I decided to look for some fun crafts and projects to accompany whatever recipe my sister and I will be doing.

Father's Day Ideas: Cute Recipes

My parents are spoiled. Yes, you heard that right. A friend of mine once pointed that out to me after she discovered that I've always been doing stuff for my parents during their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions like mother's and father's days. But, so what? I like spoiling them. In fact, it has been a tradition I vow never to break.

When Creativity Meets the Internet: My Favorite DIY Youtube Channels

A pair of scissors, a pinch of imagination, a good old camera and voila!
Lately, I've been watching too many YouTube videos. Over the two month summer vacation up until today I have practically seen a whopping 1, 214 videos! Approximately, that is. That amount only reflects the number on my watch history and does not include those I have viewed with my sister while her account was the one signed on. What have I been so engrossed about if you may ask? Make-up tutorials, vlogs and DIYs.

Goodbye Summer: Argao Cebu

When summer ends, it's time to dance in the rain...

Argao Beach Cebu Philippines | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
June 1st has gone by like a heartbeat. Time flies so fast these days. I think it's safe to say that summer has officially ended. I know a lot of you have been dreading the end of your favorite season. Add in the fact that school's about to start next week, I think I can see you pouting already. (I recently graduated from a university so school isn't an issue for me. In fact, I kinda miss it... minus the exams of course!) Sadly, I'm not a very big fan of summer. Don't get me wrong I don't fancy the wet season as much either. It's just that in my country it can get really warm. Hello humidity! I've been drinking all sorts of cold stuff like crazy! Still there's so much about this time of the year that I love so much: comfy clothes, sunglasses, ice cold coffee, ice cream, halo-halo, family outings, vacations, beaches and more ice cream!