Wanderlust: Glamping in Europe

Wanderlust: Glamping in Europe
I should be sleeping as I type this in but I got caught up in a heavy daze of wanderlust. I have always wanted to travel and see the world unfold before my very eyes. There's a certain charm and magic to it that's simply hard to define. I believe there's no adjective good enough to describe the enchantment that it brings. It's like waking up to a beautiful sunrise with the smell of brewed coffee and pancakes in the air combined with this feeling of home fused with a sense of adventure for something exciting and unknown. You see, I want to make memories all over the world. It's a vow that I have taken upon myself.

The Cebu Blogging Community Rendezvous

Cebu Blogging Community: Ultimate Blogger Meetup
I used to live inside a shell. Call me an oyster or a snail, whichever suits your imagination. I would however prefer the former given its ability to make pearls. Plus, my bestie is deathly afraid of snails and so the word escargot was considered a taboo while brine solutions are life savers. I'm a self professed introvert and I used to feel anxiety build up whenever I had to go some place where I knew no one. Although I was never acutely shy given that I frequented joining several clubs and participating in plays when I was still studying, there was a certain unease when it came to falling short at meaningful engagements and fun conversations with people. I guess just like any other person, being a wallflower scared me. But that was a thing of the past and then came the fateful day when I accidentally stumbled upon the Cebu Blogging Community's Facebook Group on my sidebar. I clicked the "join button", applied and the rest was history. You might call it chance but I consider it fate.

A Flawless Summer

Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70
Are you ready to hit the beach and get sand on your feet? Or perhaps go on a hike, breathe fresh air and be one with nature? In a tropical country like the Philippines, it's pretty much summer all year round. The sun is beaming on most days which makes for a perfect tropical island getaway.  There are 7,107 islands in the country so I'm pretty sure you'll be doing a lot of "Eat-Splash-Explore-Sleep-Repeat" while sipping piƱa coladas or fresh coconut juice. Yum!