Food for Thought: Out and Cold

There are days when my eyes begin to water and I have to constantly pinch my nose. Here we go again. The uninvited common cold rears its ugly head. I try to shoo it away with lots of aqua but alas, it comes even when unwelcomed.

Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises Cebu Cupcake Shop
Whenever I'm blue, I thank the heavens for best friends and sweets. The glum clouds they shoo to bring rainbows and treats. I cannot quite fathom how life would feel like if these two would cease to exist. So to that, here's a toast to the Cupcake fairy for leading me to a road less taken, a route to a hidden gem called Sweet Surprises.

I Heart Black and White

Black and White Fashion (Cross the Line)
Women think of all colors except the absence of color.
I have said that black has it all. White too. 
Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. 
— Coco Chanel —

Stars {Thoughtful Thursday # 11}

You have to revel in the darkness to see the stars.
Funny how it seems that the weather can perfectly mirror how I feel. All this rain and chilly gusts of wind are blowing my hair and my spirits across the expanse of the universe, sending words from my head and my heart to my fingertips.