Food for Thought: Confusion

Food for Thought: Confusion
Confusion. It's a state of the mind. It's a befuddling element. It's a word that is as hard to define as it is to understand. It is by all means something that both the heart and the mind find hard to grasp. Are you confused? I believe we all are. At some point and in some way, we are struck with bewilderment.

Papemelroti Haul

Papemelroti Teapot and Teacup Postcard
Ever since I've been bitten by the DIY bug, my knack for cutesy assortments never faded away. It stuck like bubble gum and no matter how much I convince myself that I'm a craftaholic on the road to recovery, I always end up on the road to the craft store. Such was the case when I made Papemelroti a major item in my Manila travel itinerary. 

Papemelroti Gift Shop and Going Artsy-Crazy

Papemelroti Gift Shop | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
The smell of paper excites me. I like its texture, the smoothness or the roughness that go with each page. I love its color, the shades that go on and on in a rainbow that never ends. Paper compels me in a way. You know, the kind of compulsion that "fictional vampires" have the capability of. I know it sounds weird and cray but it's a hundred percent true. Blame my love for books and crafts for this addiction. Now, imagine my elation when I first stepped into Papemelroti last year all thanks to my cousin Ryche. I vowed to come back should I visit Manila again and I promised myself I'd snap photos too! And so I did. 

SM Aura Premier

I for one believe that architecture is art and I happen to be someone who loves and revels in all things art related. I have a knack for staring at buildings, landscapes and interiors with my mind going off in artsy-craftsy wonderland. I know a work of art when I see it and I'm pretty sure that SM Aura Premier is one of them.