DIY Paper Gift Bow Tutorial

DIY Paper Gift Bow Tutorial
"Brown paper packages tied up in string, these are a few of my favorite things!" That or presents with large festive ribbons. How do you like wrapping gifts? The holiday season is upon us and I bet you've been bitten by the Christmas bug too and went out and bought a gazillion presents for your loved ones. Unfortunately, your budget's gone low in the wrapping department. Well that or you just spaced and forgot to buy supplies. Worry no more because I've got something for you: DIY gift bows using pretty paper or recycled magazine pages!

The Pink Panther

The true test of a DIY comes when you use it and it doesn't fall apart. Luckily, the dungarees I upcycled from my sister's old pants held itself up! Just imagine the catastrophe had it not. I'd probably go bonkers and wish I could apparate pronto. You know ala Harry Potter?

Cartoon Transformation

Cartoon Transformation and Caricature
It's official folks. We just got Disney-fied and I bet you it felt so cool! I've always wanted to have myself turned into a cartoon of sorts and just a few weeks ago I got this wish ticked off my bucket list. My sister did too and I'm so excited to show you how this magical transformation was accomplished!