Smile {Thoughtful Thursday #3}

Smile everyday.
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Hi everyone! It's another cold Thursday for me. It's been raining all day long and I'm missing summer even more. There are a couple of things I love about the rainy season though: coffee, hot choco, champorado [a Filipino delicacy made of rice and cocoa] and ice cream. Yes, I still love eating ice cream. I don't mind how cold it gets. LOL! 

I Heart Straps and Flats

Flats and Stapped Sandals
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Living in a tropical country, I have always been a fan of sandals and flats. Add in my height, it would be safe to say that I rarely wear heels, wedges, platforms or anything that will add up to my already tall physique. If you're curious, I stand 5 feet and 7 inches. Here in the Philippines that's quite tall for a girl. Does that also hold true in your country?

Believe {Thoughtful Thursday #2}

Keep trying. Keep believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out.
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To be honest the past few days wasn't that good for me. I particularly picked out this quote as I was feeling sad and a little down. Let's just say that things didn't work out just as I have planned and wanted them to. Around the end of the past week, I received bad news. I'd say bad for I have foregone quite a number of big opportunities just so I could follow a path which I believe was best at the time. Apparently, it wasn't. That night, I couldn't sleep. "Back to square one." I told myself as I lay on my bed. My best friend and my sister would often tell me that I'm a perfectionist. I won't stop at nothing until I find a solution to a problem. Sometimes I even look for a solution even when the problem has not arisen yet. I won't sleep unless I'm certain that the job or task I was asked to do was at its best. So yes, I was tossing and turning that night thinking of ways on how I'd be able to pass that road block. I must say I fell asleep with my brain buzzing with thoughts.

Mallow Rush: Five Yummy S'mores Recipe

Mallow Rush: Five Yummy S'mores Recipe
My mom would often comment that I'm a sucker for sweets. True. I love sweets so much I think I was born to have sweet teeth. Yes you've read that right. Teeth. All of them. Haha! Although I'm a proud self-proclaimed sweets fanatic, I sort of blame it on my mom. She often told me stories about her chocolate brownie cravings while I was a tiny little blessing inside her womb. I firmly believe that my current fandom was a result of those cravings. LOL. I love you Mom! 

Impossibilities {Thoughtful Thursday #1}

It's kind of fun to do the impossible
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Happy Thursday guys! Today, I decided to make a series post I'd call Thoughtful Thursdays. I've always loved reading random quotes. Sometimes all we need is a motivational pat in the back. As a certified bookworm, I find solace in words. It can get me through the bad days, inspire me to be the best, remind me of good memories, cheer me up and all those stuff. Sometimes words captivate the soul in ways reason cannot fully understand. It just does.

Fix Broken Make-up

Fix Broken Make-up
My mom and I recently went out for grocery. It was necessary as our fridge was begging for food! Besides, I consider it our mother-daughter bonding moment. We both find it a relaxing errand but when it's time to pay that's another story. Ha! Then of course before leaving the house a girl has to prep up. As I opened my make-up pouch to get my powder and blush... BAM! There it was all covered up in red powder. Somehow, my blush got broken and managed to create a mess. Argh! Now I've got a broken make-up and a whole pouch to clean. Worse, it was one of my favorite blushes. *sob* Luckily, Michelle Phan has recently uploaded a video on how to address such dilemma...

Organize Your Wardrobe

A guide to organising your wardrobe
A guide to organizing your wardrobe by the team at [Apartment Geeks]
Hi everyone! Lately, I've created my very own Pinterest account thanks to my ever annoying curiosity. Many of the blogs I follow have them so I wanted to figure out what its perks are. After days of reading and research I finally succumb and started pinning. What I love about it is that I'm able to organize the recipes, DIYs and blog inspirations I found all over the internet. No more printing of recipes and ingredients like I used to do. Budget and environment friendly. Yay! Also when I get bored