Butter + Love = Sugar Rush

Butter + Love Cebu
Happy Sunday everyone! I've been hoping to do this post for as long as I can remember. I wanted some sugar rush kind of fun with my BFFs and my sister on my 21st birthday  (FYI that was so two months ago. See how late this is? Ooooh time flies so fast!) and we managed to insert one amidst our busy schedules. I was frantically searching for a dessert shop in Cebu which is one: satisfies my cravings and two: ain't brutal to my wallet. Luckily Google led me to one called Butter + Love.

After the Storm (Yolanda aka Haiyan)

After the Storm (Yolanda aka Haiyan)
Last week a super typhoon called Yolanda (or internationally known as Haiyan) struck our country. Although Cebu was technically located in the Visayas where the typhoon wrecked havoc, the city was somehow a little spared from the lashing unlike the northern part of the island and its surrounding provinces particularly in Leyte. We still experienced the heavy rain and howling winds. Electricity was cut off for two days and there were still a few aftershocks from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake a month before. I'd say, the experience was quite scary. I didn't want any of it again.

Bacolod Travel Diary Part 3: Provincial Capitol, Negros Museum, Pasalubong at Pendy's and Merci

Negros Museum
Hi everyone! I know it's been a very long time and this last bit of my Bacolod travel diary has been long overdue. Too many pending posts in so little time. If only time can be purchased, people would probably hoard it from the shelves! In fact, our little trip to the Capitol Park and Lagoon, Provincial Capitol and Negros Museum was done in an hour. Yes an hour! We had no more day offs left and we didn't want to go back to Cebu with only the Mambukal Falls and Calea Pastries and Coffee checked on our list. So we did the only thing we could think of. Lunch break opportunity!