Merry Christmas

There is so much buzz and cooking happening around me right now as Christmas Eve nears. In fact I'm in the middle of making photo booth props for our family reunion tomorrow but I can't let this day go by without greeting all my lovely readers a wonderful and Merry Christmas. This blog has been a wonderful part of my life and It holds a special place in my heart as much as you guys do. Thank you for making all this worthwhile. But before I get up and take a taste test of the dishes I smell simmering in the kitchen, allow me to share a short and heartwarming story that was shared by one of my teachers in elementary. After all, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and we have to greet him a happy birthday too! Let us not forget that. Now, here goes the tale...

Easy and Festive Christmas Rice Krispies

Easy and Festive Christmas Rice Krispies
It's the festive holiday season once again and giving presents has been a tradition for most of us. I for one believe that handmade gifts are very thoughtful.There's something about a DIY present that makes it so special no matter how simple the item initially is which is why I gladly helped my sister out in preparing these easy and festive Christmas rice krispies for her friends!

Falling and Flying {Thoughtful Thursday #12}

What if I fall? Oh but my darling what if you fly?
Sometimes you’re not sure what you want in life or where you’re headed to go. It can drive you nuts because for many of us uncertainty is scary. It scares me too. You never know what’s out there but then again your heart longs for something that’s invisible to the naked eye. You aspire more. You begin to dream. You chase happiness. You get ready to fly. However, we can’t help but ask: What if I fall? What if I can’t make it? What if I don’t end up happy after all?