Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Art) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Some girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice but Nikki, known to the internet as Riyokki, is full of sarcasm, sass and pastel class. Her art is the perfect juxtaposition of sweet and sassy. With illustrations that depict pop culture, online trends and to some extent teenage angst, it's no surprise why a lot of her works went viral on Facebook. They're relatable, current and hands-down humorous. I can't help but wonder what goes into this artist's head. Luckily, she's glad to let me (and you) in.

Speaking of her artworks going viral, I chanced upon one of them (see below) which was a sarcastic take on a local television commercial for a brand of children's milk. I found it so witty and the stalker that I was, I checked Nikki's social media. I've been a fan since then. I'm so grateful that she allowed me to do this interview. (So Nikki, if you're reading this, thank you and keep creating art!)

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Check the Label) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Translation: "You're always jealous. Are you guys even a thing? Check the label." 
(The actual commercial implored the importance as to why mom's should "check the label" when buying children's milk.)

Tell us a brief introduction about yourself and your craft.
Hey, it's Nikki. Nikki Baker. Haha! Kidding. But yes, it is me, Nikki a.k.a Riyokki. I'm labeled as an artist but I prefer to be called a student who expresses her wrath (yes) and daily phenomena in life through her artworks. It's what I made my art page and motivates me to make art for.

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Bes, anuna?) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
What are your creative cues?
Most of the time, inspiration comes from my experiences and ideas thought out of boredom. By simply observing other people, imagining stuff, and having what-ifs, I already feel the urge of going home to draw and to bring out a piece of paper to list down ideas.

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Toblerone) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
(Remember the time when the world went nuts over the new Toblerone? *cue tears*)

If your art were edible, what would it taste like?
It would probably taste like candies or chocolates. I dunno, most of my artworks are colorful and pastel so I thought it would taste sweet.

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Haircut) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
(Things people say when a girl cuts her hair. For example, Are you moving on from a breakup?)

How do you deal with a creative rut?
Trying out something new helps. I also check out other artists' style (color, sketch, line) and challenge myself by trying it out. I usually find my art routine boring which unmotivates me, so I mostly learn or try out other styles to see how much more I can improve and at the same time, get out of a creative rut.
Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Crush) | Anne's Scribbles and DoodlesTranslation: "OMG, look a cutie!" — "Hey, that's my crush."
"Stop overreacting, I just said he's cute." — "You're trying to steal him from me!"
(A scene from a local TV show gave birth to hundreds of memes when the antagonist threatened the protagonist with a toy gun.)

If you could borrow someone's talent for a day, who would you pick?
I WOULD TOTALLY PICK MYETIE! She's one the artists I admire, and I love how she makes art. Her art style and colors are just satisfying, it makes me think how much far I have to go to achieve that kind of talent.

Spotlight: Nicole Angeles aka Riyokki (Werk) | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
A message to fellow artists and creatives.
Hey! To all artists and aspiring artists out there, don't feel down by other artists, may it be because you think their art style is visually attractive or better than yours. It's not about what others see, but what would make others feel. Don't feel down if you don't have much support from your audience. Make art also because you love it, not just because your audience loves it.

Indeed. Make art because you love it. Isn't that applicable to most things in life? Thanks for those words Riyokki! Whoever said you can't mix sweet and spicy is proven hella wrong today. Nikki's sassy pastel art tells us we can. Visit her Facebook page for more of her work.

***A little backstory. (Kwento nanaman. Hihi.) Nikki and I have exchanged emails at the beginning of summer this year but so many things happened from going on a supposed quick turned long vacation to working with someone I've idolized for years (aka one of the people I really wanted to interview for this series but I'm too shy to ask.) I'm glad I finally found the time to post this. Also, it's the perfect "break" from all those travel posts. :)

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Who do you think I should put on the spotlight next? 

© All images in this post are owned by Nicole "Riyokki" Angeles.


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