A Trip Down Memory Lane with Cupcakes

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
When it's been raining for the whole day and I've got a hot bowl of champorado on hand, I love to do little trips down memory lane. This time I chose to go a year back. It was one lovely August afternoon when my barkada and I visited our girl friends aka fave baking duo Mitch and Val.

I've know Mitch and Val from college. They were really famous for their yummy goodies which they sell in class. I can never forget those uber delish revel bars and choco crinkles. One minute they've taken them out and before you know it, you're left with nothing to purchase. They were that good! So when Mitch invited us to head over their house for a little baking class, we gave a resounding yes! I've had a first hand in baking from my mom out of her pure love for pies and cookies. I've been doing cupcakes and cakes too but I was lacking in the frosting department. Mitch and Val on the other hand were already experts!

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Short hair and ungroomed eyebrows. Yikes! I looked quite different a year ago. At least, that's what I think. LOL! Looking at this photo makes me wonder if I should get a haircut soon. I've grown it up to elbow length now. I'm mixing up the batter with Jasmine here. She's a friend I've known since like forever, my make up guru and movie adviser.

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Mitch and Val decided that we should try to experiment with the cupcakes so instead of having the traditional ones in adorable decorated paper, we baked them inside ice cream cones. Look at the mess we've already managed to create! Hahaha. 

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
We were putting some fillings here. Chocolate overload! (left to right: Kim, Me, Mitch, Rio and Jasmine)

Pasta Penne
Then before we knew it, it was lunch time! Mitch made us some yummy pasta! Isn't she a culinary wonder?

Garlic Bread
Then as if pasta wasn't enough to fill our hungry stomachs, Val made these garlic bread! I love them both! I was feeling really full by the end of the day. If I lived with them I'd surely gain serious amount of weight!

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
It's frosting time! I can't believe how young we all looked a year ago! (left to right: Me, Jas, Kim, Val and Mitch)

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Val taught us how to do some simple swirls. It was a little bit hard at first. Just look at those funny looking frosting! Eventually, we got the hang of it.

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Tada! Look at our cupcakes!!! I know, we wen't a little cray cray and went overboard with the decorations and all. Hahaha.

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Spot the the knocked over ice cream cupcake! Poor thing, it missed the photo shoot. Tsk tsk tsk.

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
We had some left over frosting and thought, "Hey, does icing look good as make up?" Seriously it felt sticky all over! Not good. It felt really fun though and we were able to exercise some calories off after all the running and chasing. (left to right: Jas, Heather, Bonbon, Mitch, Rio and Val. back: Kim and Anne)

I had so much fun that day and I felt the same as I reminisced these memories today. This drive down memory lane was worth the trip. *smiles*

As of today, Mitch and Val made this lovely hobby their little business they call Hmmm Delish. They make cakes and cupcakes  and also they experiment on new recipes. Remember that s'mores recipe finds I posted a while back? Mitch was actually the first to read that and she told me she'd try baking the giant s'mores stuffed chocolate chip cookie recipe. And she did! It's in the upper leftmost photo. She even called them inception cookies!

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Inception Cookies - Oreo Stuffed Cookies - Chocolate Cake - Pepero and Hershey Kisses Cake

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
Cheese Cupcakes in Mango, Blueberry and Chocolate - Piglet Cupcakes - Garden Cupcakes - Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
 This doll cake is breathtaking! 

Cupcakes by Hmmm.Delish
I loved this cake. Looks like a wedding dress to me. Now, where's that veil?

If you wish to place an order, visit their Facebook page and tell them I sent you. It would really be awesome if their little business grows! I've been a big supporter of Mitch and Val the first time I tasted their baked goodies. Hence, I've had this teeny (or lengthy) chatter about their baking business. Hahaha. Ooopsies! Sorry about that. As usual I got carried away. But admit it, they look awesome!

Toodles for now and see you in a bit!


Emma McIlroy said...

Those cupcakes you made look so amazing!!! Like a child's dream :) the thing I can't believe is that your hair grew to elbow length in a year! My hair would never grow that fast!!


Anya J said...

I love your whole blog design, it's so cute!
those cupcakes look delicious, yum.
I followed on bloglovin, follow mine?:)


Anne said...

Thanks Emma! I can't believe it grew that fast either. Hahaha. :D

Anne said...

Awww. Thanks Anya! :)

Olivia Kiernan said...

wow they look so tasty! im a new follower on bloglovin'! would love it if you could check out my blog :)


Anne said...

Thanks Olivia! :)

Brittany said...

Great post, Thanks for sharing!

I am running a giveaway on my blog at the moment. Check it out..


Hugs, Brittany, xx

Catherine said...

Super cute blog!

Anne said...

Yay! Thank you Catherine! :D

A&S said...

This looks like so much fun and all the desserts and food look so good!


Anne said...

Thank you!

ladymyx said...

lovely cupcakes!!!! <3

I want to have a cake shop/ bake shop too. Made to order cakes thingy, though not my line (I really dont know where I'm up to, poor me), still, I know in my heart that baking is one of the things in the world that makes me happy ;)

Anne said...

No worries. You've already accomplished step one by knowing where your heart is. One way or another you will always end up doing something that your heart truly desires... You'll get that dream bakeshop someday. Dream on Ladymyx! Don't forget to invite me to your shop in the future! :D

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