Skate {Thoughtful Thursday #6}

Happy Thursday everyone! I got today's quote from a t-shirt I recently got from a friend. It was a memento of sorts since he was moving to Dubai. The night before his scheduled flight, we all decided to have a "last supper" in a nearby restaurant as our despedida (farewell). Of course, we demanded that he leave us small knickknacks and souvenirs. We've all been together during our college days and being oceans apart would terribly suck! We need something to remember each other by. At least. So we asked for his shirts. He often had tees with fancy prints so even if our barkada (group of friends) were 90% female, they still suited our taste. Besides, whoever said girls can't wear guys shirts?

Early this year, we all modeled for this yummy Taiwanese restaurant called Ersao with Bonbon's brother and Ferdi's best bud Rab!!! That's Papa Ferds in the dark blue polo with the white detail by the collar.

I together with my girl friends met Ferdi in the year 2010 in one of our accounting classes during our college sophomore year. Ever since, we've referred to him as Papa Ferds. I can't really remember who came up with the nickname but it stuck like bubble gum. In our humongous and mostly chinky eyed family, only two are guys. Hahaha. Talk about female dominance! LOL.

These photos were taken last March during our vintage themed college graduation ball.

In some weird way he was not only a friend but a big brother or a father to all of us. His other guy friends would even tease him about the nickname we gave him but he would brush it off and just laugh. During special occasions he never failed to give or do something thoughtful for everyone. Darn it, he will surely be missed. At least we have Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype and whatever other high tech means of communication there is.

 What's the use of loads of girl friends without getting a gazillion letters to read during your long plane ride?

Here is our despedida gift! A framed self cartoon (with messages at the back) and a matching shirt! I told you once we gave each other thoughtful but silly gifts.

Okay that was another set of carried away writing. LOL. You know me. When I start writing or in this case typing, I sort of get possessed by non other than... Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Grimaldi Renaldo, Crown Princess of Genovia.  HAHAHA. Kidding! Let's get back on track shall we? Now about the shirt with the "Less work. More skate." print...

When he brought out the tees during our dinner, everyone grabbed stuff at random and we didn't exactly get to choose which one goes to who. How weird is it that despite of the mayhem that just happened, I got a shirt with a message that I needed the most. I will admit that I've been overworking myself lately and I've been having less to no fun. Yeah, yeah... all work and no play makes Anne a dull girl. Okay Papa Ferds, I promise not to overwork myself and have fun once in a while. I've been feeling stuck at Doomsville scratching my head with dark circles around my eyes for weeks now. Eeeek! So yes, it was like a flick of magic, a work of destiny. I needed someone (or something) to tell me this. He also handed out pretty bracelets. Do know that I've mustered all courage to keep myself from tearing up. Everyone did. I hate goodbyes so much so instead I'd consider this a "see you soon". Anyway, I plan to travel the world so I'm sure we'll meet again Papa Ferds! I wish you all the best! I know that you just got there but book a ticket back to the Philippines? Vacation plans?


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