Love, Sweet and True [Part 2]

Short Story: Love, Sweet and True

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Hey guys! Sorry for being such a meanie and for leaving you hanging on. Peace! Don't worry I won't give you any spoilers as I continue to ramble (or write) my thoughts here. So have you got some ideas on how this tale's going to end? Let's see if those thoughts match the ending... Now, on to the story!

It felt like somebody had kicked me square in the stomach. My lungs felt squeezed out of all oxygen. In a matter of seconds I felt sick. Knowing Angel on his curious ways, he craned his neck to catch a glimpse of the note. I shooed him off eventually and as a result, his coffee colored eyes searched for the answer in my black ones. I looked away, trying to escape his pleading puppy look.

That night I tossed and turned in my bed. I was caught with insomnia because my emotions toppled above each other. And also that night, Angel tried to contact me a hundred times. (Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating. Maybe it was around 99.) He even barged into my house but my mother told him I was already asleep. He called again and still I ignored his attempts.

Angel was always so understanding. He was always eager to make me happy. But why can't I be happy?

Well, I try to, every time he wraps his arms comfortingly around me (Thanks to the spell.) I try to smile without guilt when he kisses my cheeks with so much affection (Again, thanks to the spell.) I try to laugh when he cracks up a joke, though knowing I never deserved his attention. I almost broke into tears when he asked me what the matter was with his ever so concerned hazelnut eyes.

Guilt can be very manipulative. It makes you stay awake for the entire night (and day) for three consecutive days. It invokes you to dink more coffee (just one more). It brings you about big fat tears to trickle down your face and it orders you to do the right thing whether you like it or not. Guilt had decided to free Angel once and for all.

Raindrops pelted hard on the rooftop one gloomy night. In m room, I was crying. Drowned in tears, I ripped off the counter spell and read it. To reverse the spell, Angel was required to stop the clock himself.  That means I had to convince him to do so. Oh what pain it brought me.

I pictured the look on Angel's dresden face, with all the love drained out of him once the seconds had stopped. I winced. Another one of my nightmares was coming true. Though it rained hard, I still headed towards his house, weak and drenched in the rain with the box tucked safely under my raincoat. I was painfully willing to let go.

Angel was very surprised to see me knocking on his door at eleven o'clock at night, plus the fact that I was soaking wet. He instantly ushered me into the warmth of his living room that held a large tickling fire. He bustled into the kitchen to fix me a nice hot caramel cocoa before I could utter a word. I stopped his attempts to fetch me a towel upstairs.

His hazel brown eyes were yet again, searching, pleading my cold black eyes to answer. My eyes began to water. Seeing my pained expression, Angel quickly pulled me close for comfort. I reluctantly pushed away his warmth.

"You don't deserve me..." I stuttered weakly.

"Why do you say so?" He inquired with loving eyes.

"It's because..." I searched for words.

I had no choice. I had to show him the clock now. Shaking, I took out the key from my pocket and opened the box. Slowly, I extracted the clock and shoved it mournfully on his palms.

"Stop the clock for me, Angel..."

"But why?"

I dared not to look into his beautiful eyes. "Just click it off for me, please..."

I shut my eyes tight for the final blow.

Back again to my search. Back again to being a nobody. Back to one. Isn't it sad, when something so good slips away? Slowly, gently, and then it's completely gone...

"But the clock, it's not working..." Angel proclaimed in bewilderment, tipping the clock in his palm.

Silence. I looked up at the clock in his hands and gasped. I inspected the clock myself with trembling hands and found out that a battery was lacking. The clock did not work yet... Angel continued to love me. He did love me. Wow. Suddenly, I screamed out loud, laughed and cried at the same time. Fate had played a very mean joke. Maybe they realized that I was willing to sacrifice and so they gave Angel back to me anyway.

Without any more doubts, I freely drank Angel's loving profile into my gaze. His dark curls, genuine brown eyes... Angel still smiled, though confused. He had no idea.

He was still my loving, charming and divinely handsome Angel Relta. I giggled heartily. Immediately, I flung into his embrace before he thought I was demented.

I was hanging on and never was I letting go.

The end.

That's it folks! Did you like it? It did enthuse me to want to be in the school paper so yes I obviously loved it! Spill your thoughts by writing them in the comment box below.

PS: Please DO NOT repost or copy the said short story without the author's permission but if you wish to you can link up this post.


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