Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration
Silky hair. Tails for feet. Salty air. Coral filled streets. Mermaids are no doubt ethereal and enchanting creatures of the sea. They fill pages upon pages of books and live within the realms of folklore and myths. There's something about their otherworldly nature that captures our attention and curiosity. They're magical and mysterious, do you agree? 

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with mermaids all thanks to the books, films and shows I fancy. With that said, today's post was inspired by these mystical tailed creatures. If I were to help plan and organize Ariel or Aquamarine's weddings then these gowns from Cocomelody are what I would suggest. Of course, the shoes are for when they hold a ceremony in human form otherwise they can always ditch the heels.

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration
Classic Ariel: Dress | Heels

While searching for beach wedding dresses, this simple white frock with crisscross details caught my attention the most. They remind me of a mermaid's tail as well as the nets cast from a fisherman's boat, both reminiscent of the sea. I like its classic and minimalist look, allowing the beauty of the bride to gain the spotlight. 

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration
Royal Fin: Dress | Heels

I have always been a fan of back details. There's something dramatic about them. Plus, the couple will have their back to the guests during the ceremony proper so it's only reasonable to choose one with a "wow" factor to boot. The bead-work in this gown exudes so much class and elegance, fit for a princess. To balance everything out, the front is rather minimal and simple, adorned with only the sleeves peaking over and a matching beaded belt. What really sold this gown to me was the fact that the back resembles the scales on a mermaid's tail. What do you think? 

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration
Pearl of the Orient: Dress | Heels

For brides that want to go all out, this majestic dress with lavish appliques, beads and pearls is the one to beat. Its classic cut and silhouette is made regal with details found in every square inch of fabric. You will truly sparkle in this one. Plus, there's no more need to find accessories since the dress can already speak for itself.

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration

These gowns are truly divine, aren't they? I love how they made me think of sand, sea and merpeople. The timeless silhouettes amplified with remarkable details really brought them to a whole different level of beautiful, each with a unique sense of splendor. How about you? Which dress would you pick?

Mermaid Tales with Cocomelody: Beach Wedding Inspiration

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