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Neverland with Landybridal | Wedding Inspirations
I have always been fascinated with stories may they be written in pages or captured in frames. Imagination is something I revel in. Many of the films I've seen and novels I've read revolved around or at least touched the topic of love and romance. I have a list of OTPs and characters that I ship like cray regardless if the author actually made them end up together. Fantasy it may seem but I have always wondered how certain characters would look like on their wedding day. What would they wear? Where would the ceremony take place? Who would be on the guest list?

That being said, I decided to match some of the fictional realm's most recognized characters with vintage lace wedding dresses from Landybridal that I think would suit their tastes and personalities.

Film and Book Brides | Belle of Beauty and the Beast
Belle of Beauty and the BeastDress

This particular gown screamed Belle to me. If you remember Disney's 1991 flick, she was wearing a bright yellow frock with a similar design. It's subtle and simple with delicate hints of applique and beaded detail. *cue Mrs. Pots singing* "Tale as old time. True as it can be. Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly...♫♪"

Film and Book Brides | Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby
Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby: Dress

The silhouette and design of this gown is undoubtedly that of the roaring 1920s. It definitely has that flapper girl vibe that would fit no other than Daisy Buchanan of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel entitled the Great Gatsby which had a 2013 big screen adaptation with Carey Mulligan playing the character.

Film and Book Brides | Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter Series
Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter Series: Dress

I would have preferred a Harry-Hermione wedding but J.K. Rowling thought otherwise. Anyway, this is how I envision one of my favorite characters during her special day. With a classic silhouette, intricate details and a surprising feature that screams courage and power, this gown suits this one of a kind witch. I'm sure that it would feel glorious to be part of their magical guest list. So... accio time turner?

Film and Book Brides | Elsa of Frozen
Elsa of Frozen: Dress

The lace and appliques on this gown closely resembles the patterns found in snowflakes making it the perfect piece for no other than the snow queen herself. Elsa would surely fit this dress but before that we must first find her a snow king. Jack Frost perhaps?

Film and Book Brides | Rose Hathaway of the Vampire Academy Series
Rose Hathaway of the Vampire Academy Series: Dress

Obviously my favorite damphir, Rose or Rosa as Dimitri would call her reminded me of this dress. The beautiful and intricate back detail balances out the simplicity of the frock. Also with someone as feisty and carefree like Rose who's always up for some action, this one would make all the kick-ass moves easy to navigate. Right? I wasn't really happy with the movie adaptation of this book series. The novels kept me on edge but the film was kind of blah. *sorry* I'm putting that out just in case you're wondering.

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