Instagram Story Templates: Getting to Know You (Part Two)

Instagram Story Templates: Getting to Know You | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
I don't know about you but my love affair with teal (and pastels mixed with warm metals) has been consistently strong for a while now. While I did skip on the gold and copper for these Instagram Story templates, I made sure to pack it with quite the decent amount of teal together with a few others that I think would complement it. What do you think?

Now as promised, here's part two of the free downloadable Instagram Story templates I've shared with you guys previously! (Download the first batch here.) Compared to the first, these have more patterns to them. (Combined with my blog's template as of writing, the screen might be dizzying to some. Ooops! My apologies if so.)


Option 1: Simply download these files and select them from your gallery when posting your Stories.

Option 2: Head to my Instagram (@anneroch13) and check out the Highlights section labeled "Story Temps". Hold down and screen shot.

As I've mentioned previously, these Instagram Story templates wouldn't be possible without the help of fellow creatives starting off with Jess of the blog June Letters Studio for sharing her hand drawn vector stripes and patterns which served as the template backgrounds. They were the perfect elements to play with as I tried to learn Adobe Illustrator recently. Of course, there's Tippy and Pong of the Googly Gooeys too for teaching me design  tricks and software skills. Love you both!

Instagram Story Templates: Getting to Know You | Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

PS: I just realized that the blog turned five today! OMG time does fly and a lot of things has happened since thanks to this little space in the internet. But I'll save that long story for another day. :)

Looking for more cute and fun Instagram Story Templates? Download the first batch by clicking on this link.


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